Chicken coop: mounting rafters

As planned, today I mounted the rafters, that were previously constructed.

Firstly I needed to cut a smidge more off the birdmouth notches, to leave enough room for the OSB sheets:

Then I mounted the rafters on the coop:

Here’s a close-up showing the hurricane ties that help reinforce the attachment:

I didn’t have time to add the barge rafters (that extend beyond the walls) and sub-fascias (that connect the ends of the rafters); a project for another day.

Chicken coop: left & center wall framing

Nice weather this weekend, so I’m taking advantage of it to continue work on the new chicken coop.

First up is the east wall, on the left of the coop. This is much the same as the west wall, except it has a “poop door” at the bottom. This will be a hatch to make it easy to remove trays that catch the chicken poop that accumulates under the roosts where they sleep at night, making it easier to clean.

Here’s the design drawing:

And construction underway:


Next up is the center wall, which will divide the chicken’s part of the coop from the storage area.

The drawing for the center wall:

Finally, I added the double top plates to the walls. This adds extra rigidity to the structure. Here’s a view from atop the ladder:

And the whole coop, showing all five walls:

Lastly, a picture Jenn caught of me:

Tomorrow I’ll mount the roof rafters, and perhaps do the sub-fascia.

Chicken coop: right wall framing

Another day, another wall. Today I built & raised the west wall, i.e. on the right of the coop looking from the front.

Here’s the design sketch:

And the result (a little obscured by the canopy remains; sorry about that):

The double top plates and rafters will go on top of this, of course, as depicted in the sketch.

That’s it till the weekend, when I’ll do the left (east) and center walls, and may have time to install the rafters.

Chicken coop: back wall framing

One more wall done: I’ve raised the front wall framing, and built and raised the back wall framing.

Here’s the back wall sketch:

The front wall raised:

Starting the back wall:

Back wall framing finished:

And raised:

Chicken coop: front wall framing

Today I built the framing of the front wall of the new chicken coop (on the north side).

Here’s my latest framing design drawing:

And the result, still lying on the floor for now:

Tomorrow will be rainy, so I’ll do consulting work, but Tuesday is looking like it’ll be fine, enabling me to stand up the front wall and start on the back wall.


Mower & beehive

It’s raining today, and the canopy is rather out of commission, so I spent some time today replacing the blade drive belt on the big zero-turn mower, and assembling one of the two beehives.

The belt had become derailed and damaged while cutting really long grass on the field — we’d left it a bit longer than we’d liked for the first mow, due to the lack of sunny days recently. So I needed to remove the damaged belt, and feed in a replacement. Not a trivial operation, but I’ve done it a few times before; takes about an hour.

(I also cleaned off the mower, of course.)

Next, I started assembling one of the beehives. I didn’t have time to finish, but I got the two brood boxes and the honey super done. Some other day I’ll finish off the frames and roof, and set up the second box.

Nice while it lasted

We’re having very high winds this morning (gusts up to 56 mph reported), which has knocked out our power, unsurprisingly. And thousands of others around the region. Here’s PGE’s outage map, showing the zip codes with outages… pretty much everywhere:

Unfortunately, the wind has also taken out my canopy:

It’s pretty much destroyed; several bent poles and broken connectors:

Not sure yet if I’ll try to repair it, or get replacement parts, or buy a new one, or just do without it. I was going to have to lift it up once I got the front wall raised anyway, as the canopy was 6′ inside at the edge, and the front wall will be about 9′ off the ground, but I had planned for that.