Chicken coop: soffits

The latest update on the chicken coop: soffits. Those are the panels under the eaves. Not vitally necessary, but make it look nicer.

First step: boxing under the eaves, in line with the gable ends.

I then stapled insect screen in the gap between the underside of the roof and the top of the wall, between each rafter. This will serve as additional ventilation on both sides.

Here’s what the screen looks like from inside, before the soffit was installed.

Then I added a beam to the top of the wall, to help mount the soffit panels.

Here’s the first soffit panel in place. You can see the holes for the vents, plus temporary blocks on the wall to hold it while I nailed it. The gap between the soffit and opening below is sized for a trim board, to be added later.

The south soffit finished, with the vent covers in place. (Well, it still needs caulk and paint, of course.)

Same thing on the north side.

Then there’s the soffit on the east side.

And the west.

Chicken coop: awning trim & roofing

One more step on the chicken coop: adding trim and roofing to the awning over the pop door (the chicken door from the coop to the run).

Here’s the pop door, with trim added.

The wooden awning, with trim added.

Roofing paper.

Starter strip.

Shingles underway.


Beards are cool

The bees are “bearding” this morning: some hanging out above the entrance.  Totally normal behavior on hot or humid days, to help them regulate the temperature inside. Today is rather muggy, so that’s probably why.