Chicken coop: right wall framing

Another day, another wall. Today I built & raised the west wall, i.e. on the right of the coop looking from the front.

Here’s the design sketch:

And the result (a little obscured by the canopy remains; sorry about that):

The double top plates and rafters will go on top of this, of course, as depicted in the sketch.

That’s it till the weekend, when I’ll do the left (east) and center walls, and may have time to install the rafters.

Chicken coop: back wall framing

One more wall done: I’ve raised the front wall framing, and built and raised the back wall framing.

Here’s the back wall sketch:

The front wall raised:

Starting the back wall:

Back wall framing finished:

And raised:

Chicken coop: front wall framing

Today I built the framing of the front wall of the new chicken coop (on the north side).

Here’s my latest framing design drawing:

And the result, still lying on the floor for now:

Tomorrow will be rainy, so I’ll do consulting work, but Tuesday is looking like it’ll be fine, enabling me to stand up the front wall and start on the back wall.


Nice while it lasted

We’re having very high winds this morning (gusts up to 56 mph reported), which has knocked out our power, unsurprisingly. And thousands of others around the region. Here’s PGE’s outage map, showing the zip codes with outages… pretty much everywhere:

Unfortunately, the wind has also taken out my canopy:

It’s pretty much destroyed; several bent poles and broken connectors:

Not sure yet if I’ll try to repair it, or get replacement parts, or buy a new one, or just do without it. I was going to have to lift it up once I got the front wall raised anyway, as the canopy was 6′ inside at the edge, and the front wall will be about 9′ off the ground, but I had planned for that.

Chicken coop: finished rafters

Another day working on the new chicken coop.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not spending all day on this (it’s Thursday; aren’t I supposed to be working?!). I spend a bit of time in the morning doing¬†Dejal¬†support, then I spend a few hours working on the coop, with a break for lunch, then some consulting work in the evening. Definitely slower than if I were devoting all of my time to one or the other, but keeping everything moving forward. Being self-employed definitely has pros and cons, but being able to arrange my time as I wish is certainly a big plus.

Safety first:

Cutting OSB gussets for the rafters:

Scraps of wood nailed to the floor to ensure the rafters are all the same angles; there are also lines drawn on the floor to help align things:

Construction adhesive on a gusset:

The gusset nailed to the rafters:

Completed rafters:

Next up: the front wall!


After a long weekend away, and the first mow of the year, today I set up a canopy over the chicken coop floor, so I can work on it even if it is raining (as is forecast for the next week).

Chicken coop roof trusses

Today I cut the seven rafters for the roof trusses. The coop will have an interesting “saltbox”-style roof, spanning between a 6′ wall on the back to a 8′ wall on the front, with a 10′ peak.

It may seem counterintuitive to make the trusses as the next step after the floor, but it makes sense; easier to work on them on the floor than later when the walls are in place, and I can use the floor as a template for the sizing.

You may notice that three of the left-hand (back) rafters have extra bird-mouth notches in them; those three will go on the two end walls and the center wall, for a little extra support:

The rafters will be connected together with OSB gussets… some other day.