Chicken coop: roof shingles

The project for the last few days was getting the roof finished on the chicken coop.

I previously added the roofing paper, and over the last two days installed the shingles. Though I had to make a run to Home Depot to get more yesterday, due to a miscalculation in the number required (short by about 8)… so I ended up working on it until almost sunset, to get it finished before the rain started today.

Here’s the starter strip, that helps secure the edge:

The south side of the roofing underway:

I used grip socks while on the roof, to avoid scuffing the shingles:

In progress (plus you can see the beehives in the background):

I think I might need new gloves. Working on the coop, especially the shingles, are rather hard on the gloves. Touching the hot shingles through the holes wasn’t fun:

Tools of the trade:

The ridge vent hole, the vent material (kinda like a scrubby pad), and uncut ridge caps:

Ridge caps in place over the vent (not super tidy, like everything else about the coop):

Inside view:

Completed roof:

First rain on the roof, this morning:

Baby chicks!

We ordered 14 baby chicks online (unlike the previous ones that we got at the local feed store), and they arrived today.

They are only one day old; hatched and shipped yesterday, and arrived today. They are all different varieties.

I had to pick them up at the post office. Safety first:


Figuring out the water & food:

A video of them drinking water and eating:

Some close-ups.  The red light is from the heat lamp, which keeps them warm enough; 95° F the first week, dropping 5° each week, or as needed, until they can cope with the ambient temperature: