Cat update for week ending June 12

Some pictures of cats in the cabins and their house, and outside. And one not-a-cat.

Sleepy cabin cat:

Cabin cat

Inside the cat house:

Cat inside house

Two cats inside:

Two cats inside house

Pommie watching Paladout in the tree (behind the timestamp):

Cat watching another in tree

Not a cat; unusual to see a possum in daylight hours. Watched by a cat behind the house:

Possum and cat

Porcini enjoying a cabin:

Cabin cat

Two cats:

Two cats

Spud and Porcini:

Two cabin cats

Sitting in front of the cabins:

Cabin cat

Porcini watching me:

Cabin cat


Cabin cat

Cat-loafing outside:

Cabin cat

Unusual to see Bella in the house:

Bella in the house

Flock Friday for June 11

Time to check on the ducks and chickens again.

Here are some ducks by the chicken coop, curious about me mucking it out:

Ducks by chicken coop

And on the lawn:

Ducks on lawn

Peeking at Sonja nesting, while refilling their food; her ducklings should hatch in a week or two:

Sonja nesting

Ducks on the path to the duck house:

Ducks on the path to the duck house

A token picture of some chickens:


Betty and her ducklings on the floating island; they’ve been making good use of it as a safe place to sleep, which makes me happy:

Betty and ducklings on the island

Betty left to grab some treats, and the ducklings struggled to follow; I really need to add more dirt to fill in the interior, and make it sit lower in the water:

Ducklings on the island

A GIF of ducklings struggling to get off the island:

Ducklings on the island

Last one:

Duckling on the island

Looking down at Betty and ducklings below the pond deck:

Looking down at Betty and ducklings

Looking down at Betty and ducklings

Cat update for week ending June 5

Hey cat fans. Just seven pics for Caturday this week.

Cabin cats Porcini and Pommie:

Cabin cats

Porcini relaxing in the shade of grasses under the bird feeders. And if a bird happened to fall into her mouth, she wouldn’t object:

Porcini under bird feeders

Porcini under bird feeders

Porcini is an expert at relaxation:



Bella and Spud at the cat house:

Bella and Spud



Flock Friday for June 4

On last week’s Flock Friday I announced the hatching of Betty’s ducklings, and followed up with three days of posts featuring the ducklings. I may do that again once Sonja’s ducklings hatch, expected around mid-June. But for now, it’s back to a more normal Flock Friday post, with some duckling pics included.

Starting with a few token chicken pics on a wet day:




Bert about to hop into the pond:


Ducks in the pond:

Ducks in the pond

Ducks on the path to the duck house (time to remove those gates; don’t need them with mothered ducklings):

Ducks on the path

Betty and a duckling on an upturned pot island:


Ducks enjoying mealworm treats; it didn’t take the ducklings long to learn how tasty they are, and come zooming over when they see me on the pond deck:

Ducks enjoying mealworm treats

Ducks enjoying mealworm treats

Ducks on pot islands:

Ducks on pot islands

Ducks on pot islands

Ducks on pot islands

Betty and ducklings:

Betty and ducklings



Betty and ducklings