Shop bathroom shower removal & leak repair

At the back of our workshop building is a small bathroom, with a toilet and shower, and space for a sink, though there isn’t one there currently. The previous owners ripped up some of the walls to fix a leak, so it’s a bit of a mess.

Anyway, last winter I left the water on (foolishly) and a pipe sprang a leak behind the shower enclosure. So recently we’ve been working on ripping out the enclosure, so I could get to the pipe. We have plans to remodel the bathroom at some point, including installing a tiled shower, so having to remove the old enclosure wasn’t too dismaying.

Here’s the enclosure as we worked on getting it loose:

And removed:

This tool, a reciprocating saw (often called a Sawzall, though that’s a trademark), was particularly useful in removing the enclosure:

In particular because I needed to cut a chunk out of the base, to fit it around the door to get it out of the bathroom:


Here you can see the leak, from the bottom pipe (cold water) in the corner:

I chopped out a chunk of the corner:

Then replaced it; it was quite fiddly, tucked in the corner between two studs like that; I needed to remove part of a stud to give me room to fit the pipes together:

All good now, so the bathroom can be used again!