Garden lights after dark

Last night I closed up the duck house after dark, and took some pictures of some of the lights around the garden. It’s unusual for us to wander the garden after dark, but it’s quite pleasant.

A spinning garden ornament in the flowerbeds, with a color-changing light. This picture was taken with the flash; you can see the motion blur of the back blade spinning quickly (there was a bit of a breeze):

Garden ornament

The same ornament with my headlamp:

Garden ornament

One more without illumination:

Garden ornament

An animated GIF, showing the spinning and color changing:

GIF of garden ornament

A light next to a bridge over the stream:

Light and bridge

Light and bridge

A flame-like path light:

Flame light

A GIF of that:

GIF of flame light

I hope you enjoyed this little stroll.