New ducks first swim

Since the new ducks didn’t avail themselves of the pond when I opened the pop door yesterday, today I “encouraged” them (I basically shoved them out the door). The three females went first, and Bert showed them around the pond, then the boys joined them.

This video contains five clips from their first swim, from different vantage points around the pond.


Bert joins the new ducks

Today we opened the duck house pop door, enabling the new ducks to go into the pond, but instead Bert took the opportunity to join them in their house and run. (Bert is the duck closest to the pop door.)


Ducklings really swimming in kiddie pool

In my previous video, the water level in the kiddie pool was fairly low, so the ducklings were more wading than swimming. Today, I rearranged the steps, and made the water more deep, so they could actually swim for the first time.

Watch their feet zipping along as they get used to this new experience!