Cat update for week ending July 20

It’s Saturday, Caturday.

Warning: sensitive readers may want to skip this post; a couple of GIFs that some might find troubling.

Let’s start with some innocuous pictures. A staring cat, and a second one in the feeder, probably startled by some noise:

Staring cat

Pansy in the shop:

Pansy in the shop

Pansy in the shop

Pepper in the shop:

Pepper in the shop

The alien orange cat, Pumpkin, caught a bird below the bird feeders. Rather than include a sequence of photos, here’s an animated GIF:

GIF of orange cat catching bird

One of our feral cats was interested:

Orange & feral cats

Raccoon vs possum at the feeder:

Raccoon vs possum

Another animated GIF, of a rather nasty encounter between Pumpkin and a raccoon inside the shelter. Pumpkin was inside the shelter, and saw the raccoon. The raccoon came running up, and after Pumpkin hissed at it a couple of times, the raccoon dove inside and attacked Pumpkin:

Pumpkin vs raccoon

I suspect that was a female raccoon feeling like she was protecting a youngster:

Big and little raccoons

One of our ferals checking out the shelter after that:

Sniffing cat

Let’s finish off with some more usual scenes. A couple of cats having dinner:


Three cats:

Three cats

I hope those GIFs weren’t too disturbing. Let me know if you think I should avoid such content in the future. It’s all part of nature, as uncomfortable as it may be sometimes.

Cat update for week ending July 13

Let’s start Caturday with a cat climbing a pole behind the cat house:

Cat climbing pole

A raccoon and possum have an encounter on the deck:

Raccoon vs possum

Three cats:

Three cats

Actually, there were four cats; one more inside the shelter, as seen in this screenshot:

Four cats

In another screenshot, we can see a raccoon in the feeder while two cats are in the shelter:

Raccoon while cats inside

Not content with that, the raccoon came in the shelter with the cats, who gently suggested it might want to be elsewhere, with much hissing and growling:

Raccoon in shelter with cats

Surprisingly, they didn’t evacuate after that; they just curled up for more snuggles:

Cat snuggles

A possum also visited (yes, the same night), and was also directed towards the exit:

Possum in shelter with cats

More snuggles:

More snuggles

As if the raccoon and possum weren’t enough for one night, Pumpkin, the orange cat, also paid a visit, and was more forcefully told he wasn’t welcome; they were more vocal with him than the wildlife:

Orange cat in shelter

Why won’t they be my friends?

Orange cat

Porcini looking at the camera on the way in to breakfast:

Porcini looking at the camera

They’ve been using the shelter more this week, despite the unwelcome visitors:


Flock Friday for July 5

It’s Friday, that means it’s time for a flock update.

Let’s start with the chicks this time:






A chick pecking the camera (probably the green light below the lens):

Chick pecking camera

On to the big girls. A chicken laid a surprise egg in the middle of the coop floor; probably thought it was a large poop (yes, they both come out the same hole):

Chickens with a surprise egg

All the other chickens rushed over to look at it:

Chickens with a surprise egg

Chickens out in the run:

Chickens outside

Me topping up the pine shavings bedding; I just toss rough piles, and the chickens scratch through it, spreading it around:

David adding pine shavings

Quacker time. Literally; one of the ducklings has started a proto-quack, while the others are still peeping. They’re growing up!

We’ve also chosen provisional names for the ducks: Bill for the male Cayuga, Gilly (Gill) for the female Cayuga, Bert for the male Buff, and Gertrude (Gert) for the female Buff. We’re still not sure which is male and which is female, though.

Here are Bert and Gert checking the temperature:

Ducklings checking temperature

I replaced the waterer with the big duck one. This can be heated, to avoid it freezing in winter, though it isn’t plugged in yet. It is designed for ducks, with nice deep bowls, but small enough that the ducks can’t climb inside, removable filters to make it easier to clean, and a larger capacity reservoir:

Big duck waterer

Ducklings splashing:

Ducklings splashing

The little Cayuga duckling, covered in water droplets:


The big Cayuga; look at those wings!

Duckling wings

Ducklings are very messy, including when eating:

Duckling messy eating

Duckling treat:

Duckling treat

The Buffs watching me:


A view of the duck house across the pond; they should be ready to go out there in a few weeks time:

Duck house across pond

Finally, a token picture of the wild birds, with a deer munching on the tall grass by their feeders:

Deer by bird feeders

Cat update for week ending June 29

What’s this? Another cat update?! How unexpected. Or something.

Three cats in the feeder:

Three cats in the feeder

The alien orange cat has been hanging around a lot recently. So much so that we’ve decided to give him a name, in keeping with our convention of giving “P” names to cats: Pumpkin. We wonder if he’s feral, stray, or someone’s pet. Here he’s peeking into the feeder, while Poppy eats:

Orange cat peeking into the feeder

He was noticed:

Orange cat peeking into feeder

A rapid egress:

Rapid egress

He went into the feeder and Poppy came back to watch him:

Orange cat in feeder

Orange cat in feeder

That evening, a sleepy Poppy:

Sleepy cat

We had some other alien visitors, including a raccoon:


The gray alien cat:

Gray alien cat

A possum:


In the front of the shop, here’s Pepper:

Pepper in the shop

In the back of the shop, Pansy makes a funny face:

Pansy face

A better picture of Pansy:

Pansy in the shop

The orange cat, Pumpkin, in the feeder again:

Orange cat in feeder

And in the shelter, where he slept for several hours:

Orange cat in shelter

Two cats in the feeder:

Two cats in feeder

Pumpkin sleeping in the shelter again; he’s really been hanging out a lot:

Orange cat in shelter

A cat in the feeder, waiting for breakfast:

Cat in feeder

Two cats almost colliding in the feeder:

Two cats in feeder

When I was refilling the bird feeders, I flushed Porcini out from the grass under the feeders. She watched me from under the deck:

Cat under deck

Pumpkin in the shelter again:

Orange cat in shelter

He popped out of the shelter when a feral was eating:

Orange cat and feral

In the feeder:

Orange cat in feeder

Watching a feral arriving to eat:

Orange cat and feral

The feral cat wasn’t thrilled to be watched:

Orange cat and feral

Screenshot of cat cams, with Pumpkin sleeping and Porcini eating:

Screenshot of cat cams

I really think Pumpkin wants to be friendly with the ferals, but they aren’t so accepting. I hope that he doesn’t (unintentionally) chase them away. I don’t mind him hanging around, but would be sad if they left. I’m hoping that they all learn to get along one day, though I know that’ll take a long time, if ever.

Cat update for week ending May 25

Just because we’re in Hawaii, doesn’t mean you need to suffer the loss of a Caturday post! Here’s a post with pictures from the few days before we left.

It’s bothered me since building the cat house that the signs weren’t very readable, as they just had a stain without any color difference of the carved lettering (you can see them towards the end of this construction post). So I recently used a marker to color the lettering, making them much more visible:

Cat house

Here’s a closer view. The coloration of the scull shape is just natural weathering:

Cat house

Breakfast time:

Breakfast time

A scrub jay has visited several times to grab some kibble out of the feeder:

Scrub jay

Going back for more:

Scrub jay

A squirrel:


The squirrel leapt onto the camera housing. Flying squirrel!

Squirrel leaping

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a cat post. Here are the twins:

Twin cats

Two happy cats inside:

Cats inside

The alien orange cat has been visiting a lot recently. Here he is inside the shelter:

Orange cat inside

Another time, the orange cat arrived when a cat was inside. Harsh words and swipes were exchanged, and the cat rapidly exited through the back door:

Orange cat facing cat inside

The next morning, the orange cat arrived when Porcini was obliviously eating in the feeder:

Orange cat with cat in feeder

Orange cat with cat in feeder

They didn’t exchange any words, but the orange cat wandered off after a minute:

Orange cat with cat in feeder

Then he ate a bit:

Orange cat in feeder

But was startled by more food dispensing:

Orange cat startled

Pepper in the shop:

Pepper in the shop

The alien gray cat also stopped by briefly:

Gray cat

Another squirrel:


And scrub jay, with food in its beak:

Scrub jay

That’s all for now. I may include some pictures from while we’re away in the post next week; most cameras record about a week’s worth, so I’ll review them when we get home.

Cat update for week ending May 18

I had 71 cat pictures this week, but pared it down to just 18. You’re welcome.

More dinner please? A couple of cats waiting for more food in the evening.

More dinner please?

The same cats a few minutes later, relaxing on the deck:

Two cats on the deck

Another arrives:

Three cats

A cat is startled by the sudden arrival of another, and rears up:

A cat is startled

Four cats at breakfast time:

Four cats

Waiting for more breakfast:

Waiting for more breakfast

I got a bale of straw for the duck house, which I put in the shop, and Pepper has been having fun playing with loose bits of straw. I think she’s been sitting on the bale, and scratching at it, too. I’m fine with that; she’s also guarding it to make sure no mice nest in it:

Pepper playing with straw

A scrub jay making poor life choices by eating cat food while a cat is in the house, as captured by a screenshot of my iPad cam app (it was fine; the cat was too comfy to move):

A bird making poor life choices

Still very comfy:

Comfy cat



The orange cat paid a visit:

Orange cat

Followed by a possum 17 minutes later:


And a raccoon a couple of hours after that:


A couple of cats watch a couple of deer:

Deer & cats

The deer have been hanging around a lot recently, nibbling on our flowers (grrr):


A rare sighting of Pansy in the back of the shop:


A cat at the bee water pool (that linked post included a couple of night-time cat sightings too):

Cat at bee water

Three cats:


Cat update for week ending April 27

Welcome to another Caturday. Some new alien cat sightings this week!

But first, a relaxed cat inside the shelter:

Relaxed cat

Even more relaxed:

More relaxed cat

Perhaps too relaxed — almost fell off, but scrambled up:

Too relaxed cat

On to the parade of aliens.  Firstly, the alien gray cat (with a collar) we’ve seen before:

Alien gray cat

A new alien cat; at first glance looks like one of our ferals, but is a bit larger, and doesn’t have they ear-tip marking as a fixed feral:

New alien cat

A possum:


A raccoon:


The orange cat:

Orange cat

Speaking of, the orange cat went inside the shelter, and was followed by a possum. They had a bit of an encounter, and the orange cat chased off the possum:

Orange cat vs possum

Another new alien cat:

New alien cat

There certainly are a lot of cats in the area!  We keep our two pet cats (Pippin and Paladin) indoors, for their safety, but it seems many of our neighbors don’t.  Growing up in New Zealand, it was standard to have cat doors and let them go outside at will, but there are a lot more dangerous wildlife in the US. Not only the possums and raccoons, but coyotes and several others.

The outdoor ferals are a different case; they grew up outside; it is their home. But they have a much more dangerous life. I do what I can to make it more comfortable for them, by providing the heated shelter and feeder.

Anyway, enough seriousness; let’s have some cuteness. A peeking cat:

Peeking cat

Porcini was early for breakfast:


Four cats at breakfast time (one is mostly hidden behind the others):

Four cats

A cat nose from above the camera housing:

Cat nose

Four cats:

Four cats

Mirror images:

Mirror images

Three cats outside. Can’t see the third? look in the field to the left of the cat house:

Three cats

Cat update for week ending April 20

It’s that time of the week again!

Three cats arrive for dinner:

Three cats arrive

They often travel in groups, though can be independent too. I sometimes see one run ahead, then wait for another to catch up. Cats get a reputation for being solitary creatures, but they are really social ones, on their own terms.

Porcini waiting for breakfast, with a smile on her face:

Waiting for breakfast

Four cats inside, enjoying the heating pads:

Four cats inside

A couple of cats looking out the back door (which they only use as an emergency exit):

Looking out the back door



The alien orange cat arrives, with a cat peeking out the door of the shelter:

Orange cat

They exchange words at the entrance of the shelter, before the orange cat departs:

Orange cat encounter

Hey look, more snuggles:


Pansy in the back of the shop, reaching for food:

Pansy reaching for food

A cat watches as a deer walks past; there were several in the field, too:


One cat eating, looking back at another cat arriving:

Arriving cat

Me mowing the field near the cat house. No cats home at the time, unsurprisingly:


Pepper walking over floor joists of the duck house (I did leave a clear path next to it, which she usually uses):

Pepper walking over floor joists

Can we have too many snuggles? I think not:


Scratching; I did recently give the cats a flea treatment in their food, though only one or two of them ate it; it’s hard to ensure they all get a dose, so all I can do is put it out and hope it helps:


Cat update for week ending March 30

About half as many photos this week.

A cute cat:

Cute cat

Scratching the wall carpeting. That’s fine, that’s one reason it’s there (also for more comfort & warmth). It is glued and screwed in place, so should be pretty resistant to their attentions:

Scratching cat

A possum & raccoon encounter on the deck (no cats home at the time):

Possum & raccoon encounter

A pile of three cats, when another arrives:

Four cats

Five cats inside:

Five cats

Five cats downstairs. I love how they lay on top of each other:

Five cats

A couple of cats waiting for more breakfast to be dispensed:

Cats waiting for more breakfast

Cat hugs:


The alien gray cat now has a collar with a bell; definitely owned by someone:

Alien gray cat

The twins arrive together for dinner:

Twins arrive

The twin cats:

Twin cats