Cat update for week ending January 18

This week, the trials and successes of Bella, birds making poor life choices, and cold wet stuff.

Portabella and Pumpkin continue to not get along; Pumpkin seems to feel he has to chase her off whenever he sees her:

Bella and Pumpkin

Bella and Pumpkin

She came back, and again was chased off:

Bella and Pumpkin

Bella and Pumpkin

Bella and Pumpkin

In that encounter, Pumpkin kicked the decorative barrel off.  It was glued to the deck with the smaller ones; apart from helping the old west vibe, the barrels help hold the shelter’s maintenance door closed:


A Steller’s Jay grabbing some cat food:

Steller's Jay

Two cats arriving, with Pumpkin in the house; he’s fine with the other cats, just not Bella:

Two cats arriving



Pumpkin watching me from under the main deck:


A bunch of small birds drinking from the heated water dish:


Pumpkin and Pommie hanging out on the cat deck:

Pumpkin and Pommie

A bird tried to have a drink when cats were nearby, and Pumpkin suggested that might not be wise:

Pumpkin and a bird

Pumpkin and Paladout seem to be getting used to each other; the latter saw Pumpkin peeking, but kept on eating instead of getting upset like in the past:

Pumpkin and Paladout

Pumpkin and Paladout

Pumpkin in the garden:


Snowy cats:

Snowy cats

A Steller’s Jay arrives for more food:

Steller's Jay

Steller's Jay

This time, not so lucky: Pommie was in the cat house, and heard the bird:

Cat and Steller's Jay

Cat and Steller's Jay

Cat and Steller's Jay

Though I guess the bird was actually very lucky: it got the food, and narrowly escaped becoming food.

You may have seen that I added a new heated shelter in the breezeway next to our workshop. Subsequent to that, I modified it a little to make it more sheltered, by putting some old hanging baskets next to it:

Modified breezeway cabin

Bella found the cabin, and tried it out. She has spent most of the past two nights in there, which makes me very happy:

Bella in cabin

Pommie and Pumpkin:

Pommie and Pumpkin

A cat in the breezeway:

Cat in breezeway

Pommie has spent a fair bit of time in the cat house, too:

Pommie in cat house

Pommie in cat house

Bella in the breezeway again, from another angle (this camera is only there temporarily):

Bella in breezeway

Bella inside the breezeway cabin last night:

Bella in breezeway cabin

Bella having a stretch in the morning:

Bella by breezeway cabin

I’m glad that she has a comfy shelter away from Pumpkin’s usual haunts.

Flock Friday for January 17

This week, the ducks get to practice walking on the ice again, and more snow.

Let’s start with a couple pictures of most of the chickens in the new coop:



The ducks carefully walking on the frozen pond:

Ducks on frozen pond

On the ramp into the duck house:

Ducks on ramp by frozen pond


Ducks in their house

Mealworm treats on the frozen pond:

Ducks on frozen pond

A bunch of crows in the field, making quite a racket; there were many more elsewhere on the field, too:

Crows in field

Crows in field

Ducks slogging through the thin ice on the frozen pond:

Ducks in frozen pond

Ducks in frozen pond

Chickens with some snow:


Ducks in the partially frozen pond:

Ducks in partially frozen pond

Ducks in partially frozen pond

Ducks in partially frozen pond

An early morning shot of snow pooling in the middle of the frozen pond:


The snowy path to the duck house:

Ducks in partially frozen pond

Ducks in the slushy ice:

Ducks in frozen pond

Ducks in frozen pond

Ducks in frozen pond

Ducks in frozen pond

That’s probably going to be it for snow for this season, though it could snow again. It’s melting now, and will probably turn to rain over the coming week. Looks like the temperatures won’t be cold enough to freeze the pond either. It was fun while it lasted.

Cat update for week ending November 30

Some interesting shots in today’s Caturday post.

Let’s start with some cat ID: Pommie (left), Spud (deck), Porcini (right):

Pommie (left), Spud (deck), Porcini (right)

An alien cat:

Alien cat

Porcini peeking at me from the cabin as I walk past:


Two cats, in a picture taken from our deck (you may have to look closely to see the second one):


There were actually three cats; a third on a rock, visible from a different angle:


Three cats at the feeder:

Three cats

A raccoon encounter at the cabin:

Raccoon encounter

Raccoon encounter

Raccoon encounter

All five cats in an iPad screenshot: one in the cabin, three on the cat deck, one in the feeder:

All five cats

A closer look at the four cats at the cat house:

Four cats

Plus one cat in the cabin:

Plus one cat

Three cats inside:

Three cats inside

The food ran out, so I did an evening food top-up:

Evening food top-up

Pumpkin is a big reason for the food running out; I’m going through the food much faster since he started hanging out:


A cat sitting on our front steps:

Cat on front steps

Two cats inside:

Two cats inside

Double-decker cats:

Double-decker cats

Cabin licks:


Pumpkin startles two others:

Pumpkin startles two others

Three cats in the feeder:

Three cats in the feeder

At the cabin:

At the cabin

Porcini on the awning:

Porcini on the awning

Three cats:

Three cats

Poppy greeting Pumpkin:

Poppy greeting Pumpkin

Pumpkin being a bit agressive:

Pumpkin being a bit agressive

Poppy and Pumpkin sleeping:

Poppy and Pumpkin sleeping

Cabin snuggles:

Cabin snuggles



Poppy would like to leave now:

Poppy would like to leave now

Cabin snuggles again:

Cabin snuggles

Cat update for week ending November 16

26 Caturday pictures today, from 111 captured this week.  (Does saying the number of the pictures in the post put you off reading it? Too long, didn’t read? Though not much reading required; easier to skim through a bunch of cute pictures than paragraphs of text. You can ignore my comments if not interested; I just like to add a bit of context.)

Pumpkin has definitely made his home in the cat house, spending most nights and much of the day there. But sometimes our ferals go inside, too:

Cats in house

Here’s Pumpkin with one of the twins in the feeder:

Two cats

And Pumpkin by the cabin:

Pumpkin by cabin

Three cats:

Three cats

Bella by the cabin (with another inside, not visible here):


Pumpkin on our deck; it looks like he may have been sheltering from the rain under our tarp-covered furniture in the gazebo:

Pumpkin on deck

(I don’t show our house very often; you can see why we call it the Yellow Cottage. The three hummingbird feeders are visible, if you look closely.)

Pumpkin looking very chill, and a twin again:

Pumpkin and twin

About to jump on the camera housing:

About to jump on camera housing

Cabin snuggles:

Cabin snuggles

Pumpkin and Porcini; she wasn’t pleased to see him:

Pumpkin and Porcini

Pumpkin looking cute:


Another shot of our deck, this time with Porcini emerging from the gazebo:

Porcini on our deck

She then jumped down off our deck next to the cat cabin:

Porcini jumping off our deck

Porcini jumping off our deck

Doing my morning rounds, I saw Pumpkin under the cedar tree. He sat there as I walked past and took his picture, then he ran off:


Next time I see him up-close like that, I should try to interact with him in a cat-approved manner (crouch down, slowly blink, flick fingers, talk softly, etc), to see if he reacts more like a pet cat or a feral cat.

Pumpkin and a twin (probably Pommie) at the cabin:

Pumpkin and a twin at the cabin

Pumpkin and a twin at the cabin



A young deer sniffing the heated water dish:

A young deer sniffing the water dish

Porcini and Bella:

Porcini and Bella

Pumpkin and a twin just hanging out together on the cat deck:

Pumpkin and a twin

Both twins:

Both twins

Porcini peeking at me from the cabin on my morning rounds:

Porcini peeking at me

Two cats at the cabin:

Two cats at the cabin

Pumpkin in the house:

Pumpkin in the house

Pumpkin squirming unconcernedly on the deck while Paladout watches:

Pumpkin squirming while Paladout watches

(Too many Pumpkin pics? Let me know.)

Cat update for week ending October 12

Let’s take a look at the cats; welcome to another Caturday at the homestead.

Poppy on the deck, looking her usual grumpy self, Porcini in front of the camera:

Two cats

Sleepy cat:

Sleepy cat

The alien orange cat, Pumpkin, has been hanging out in the shelter quite a bit this week, waiting for the food to dispense:

Orange cat

Here he is arriving in the shelter when Poppy is already there:

Orange cat arrives

Poppy expressed her displeasure at the arrival with some hissing and swiping, which Pumpkin ignored:

Not happy abput it

After both settling for a while, Pumpkin defended the shelter from raccoons:

Hissing at raccoons

The two raccoons:


Then they settled down again:


When the food dispensed, Pumpkin was first there again:

Orange cat and food dispensing

Still the same morning, Pumpkin was in the shelter when the gray alien cat, Paladout, arrived:

Orange vs gray cats

Orange vs gray cats:

Orange vs gray cats

A screenshot of the cam viewer app on my iPad, showing Paladout in the feeder, Pumpkin on the deck, and Poppy in the shelter:

Orange vs gray cats

When more food started dispensing, Paladout started freaking out; he wanted to run away, but the entrance was blocked:

Orange vs gray cats

Not happy:

Orange vs gray cats

After a few minutes standoff, Pumpkin lost interest and went back in the shelter, allowing Paladout to leave:

Orange vs gray cats

Pansy, the indoor feral cat who lives in the back of our workshop:

Pansy in the shop

Porcini watching a bird, while another is in the feeder:

Watching a bird

Bella on the deck and Poppy next to the house, both watching a taunty bird:

Watching a bird

When feeding the birds, I flushed both Poppy and Porcini out from the grasses under the bird feeders, and they ran to under our deck:

Under the deck

Cat update for week ending September 28

Time for lots of pictures of our feral cats; it’s Caturday.

This past week Porcini has taken to sitting on the bench by the fountain on sunny days; a nice spot, somewhat near the cat house, where she can keep an eye on things:

Porcini on bench by fountain

Poppy looking at a bird:

Poppy looking at a bird



Three cats waiting for breakfast in the shelter:

Three cats inside

Two cats snuggling in the evening:

Two cats inside

A screenshot of the camera viewing app, showing four cats; two in the shelter, one on the deck, one eating:

Four cats

A Steller’s jay making very bad choices, when there’s a cat in the shelter (don’t worry, the bird flew away before the cat came out):

Steller's Jay making very bad choices

Porcini sleeping on the bench again:

Porcini on bench again

Porcini coming out of the feeder:

Porcini coming out of feeder

When the weather isn’t so nice, Porcini has another solution: sleeping on one of the chairs on our deck, under the shelter of the gazebo (with a nice view of hummingbirds flying to the feeders):

Porcini on deck chair

We had suspected a cat was doing that for a while, as we noticed cat fur on the cushions, but this was the first time we’d seen her doing so.

The orange cat, Pumpkin, watching a possum that scored some leftover food:

Orange cat and possum

Pumpkin spent some time inside the shelter, too:

Orange cat inside

Two cats snuggling inside:

Two cats snuggling inside

A screenshot showing Pumpkin peeking at others inside:

Orange cat peeking in at others

A sequence of images of Pumpkin going into the shelter when Poppy was there:

Orange cat going into shelter

Orange cat in shelter

Poppy hissed at Pumpkin:

Orange cat in shelter

But Pumpkin just settled down, and Poppy relaxed:

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

They shared the shelter for about an hour, then Poppy left:

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

And Pumpkin stuck around for another hour before departing too:

Orange cat in shelter

Orange cat in shelter

Orange cat in shelter

This morning, two cats waiting for breakfast inside; they don’t seem to mind the smell of Pumpkin:

Two cats inside

Cat update for week ending September 21

Time once again to take a peek in the cat house.

One of the twins playing inside:

Cat playing inside

About to jump onto the camera housing:

About to jump



Two for breakfast:

Two for breakfast

A raccoon visited soon after breakfast was dispensed:


So I decided that since it was getting light later, I should change the feeder schedule to dispense half an hour later.

Three cats:

Three cats

One arrives while another is eating:

Two cats



Poppy is sleeping, and another cat arrives:

Sleeping and arrival

Another unwelcome guest, a possum; fortunately with no food left:


Porcini waiting for breakfast; she didn’t get the memo of the later breakfast time:

Waiting for breakfast

Pepper in the shop:

Pepper in the shop

Spud on the front steps:

Spud on the front steps

A couple of days later, Spud hanging around again, on the kitchen lawn:

Spud on the kitchen lawn

A Steller’s Jay making poor life choices:

Steller's Jay making poor life choices

Went back for several more bits of food:

Steller's Jay making poor life choices

Looking out the window:

Looking out the window

Three cats on the deck:

Three cats on the deck

Flock Friday for September 20

Hi there. It’s me again. Doing the Friday thing.

Ducks in their house:

Ducks in their house

Paladout (what we call the alien gray cat, if you missed that in the cat updates) visited the ducks one night; they were both startled to see each other, but he wandered off without any drama:

Cat by ducks

I doubt cats would go after ducks, being similar size. And the ducks were safe behind the fencing around the duck house ramp. I’ve seen them resting there overnight several times.

Ducks exploring the back of the pond:

Ducks at the back of the pond

I went back there, and they looked at me quizzically:

Ducks at the back of the pond

A view of almost the entire pond; you may be able to make out the ducks still at the back:

Ducks at the back of the pond

The heron visited again, and knocked the mobile camera out of alignment (it isn’t permanently mounted, but just resting on top of a boulder, with some bricks loosely anchoring it; one day I’ll buy a permanent one for there). Here it’s just jumped down from the rock:

Heron knocked camera

The culprit:


The heron taking off:

Heron taking off

The ducks exploring the grass between the duck house and waterfall. One more place for me to check for eggs when they start laying:

Ducks exploring grass

The ducks and fish scooping up treats:

Ducks and fish

Three ducks, three big koi:

Ducks and fish

(Yes, the fish are bigger than the ducks.)

Ducks circling:


The new chickens pecking at some tomato treats:

Chickens with tomatoes

Chickens through weeds:

Chickens through weeds

Again with tomatoes:

Chickens with tomatoes

Hey there:


The older chickens with tomatoes:


We have a lot of tomatoes from the veggie garden right now; Jenn is canning 20 pounds or so of them, but the chickens get the split ones, and the ones the bugs got to first… if they’re really lucky, with tasty insect bonuses.

Hanging out with Merida, giving her pats:


Fuzzy butt:


Domino and Buffy:


Lastly, a shot of some hummingbirds:


Did you see today’s YouTube video of hummingbirds and a wasp on that feeder?

Flock Friday for September 13

Welcome to a wet Flock Friday!

As hinted on my personal blog, we had a heron visit our pond this week. Twice.

Here’s the heron sliding off the edge of the pond (which slopes steeply) and taking a header in the pond:

Heron in pond

After it got out, it fluffed up most impressively:

Heron in pond

Heron next to the pond:

Heron next to pond

It flew over to below the pond deck, and one of the large koi swam up and startled it, causing it to jump back:

Heron startled by koi

Heron eat fish (and frogs and such), but I think the big koi are way too big for it to tackle. I didn’t see it catch anything; the smaller fish were wise enough to stay hidden.

Here it is flying above the pond:

Heron flying

The following night, a rat or similar rodent was spotted near the duck house, with the ducks warily eyeing it:


Here’s a shot of the ducks that kinda shows the delightful green iridescence of the cayuga duck:


Ducks on the ramp:

Ducks on ramp

A few days later, hey look, the heron is back:

Heron again

In the pond:

Heron in pond

Heron startled by a koi again:

Heron startled by a koi again

Heron flying to the duck house:

Heron flying

Like an ornament on the duck house roof:

Heron on duck house

Those big koi are bullies; here’s one chasing the ducks, while another eats their mealworm treats:

Koi chasing ducks

Ducks from inside house:

Ducks from inside house


On to the chickens. Here’s Buffy, one of the older girls:

Buffy chicken


Camilla chicken


Kiwi chicken

Mo, starting to molt:

Mo chicken

And some pics of the young chickens:

Young chickens




Did you see the YouTube video of our young chickens curiously clucking?