This is a summary of the project summaries. Each one includes links and pictures from posts on the Yellow Cottage Homestead blog. You can read the summaries for an overview of each project, and click through to the individual posts if you want more details.

Visit the Projects page to scroll through all of the projects, or pick individual ones below. Click or tap on the heading or photo to visit that summary.

More project summaries will be added over time. Here are the ones available so far:

Bee Shed

Converting a potting shelter into a shed for beekeeping equipment.

Duck Island

Building a floating island for the ducks in the pond.


Deck-related projects.

Duck House

A project to build a custom duck house.

Berry Cage

Building a berry cage in the vegetable garden.


Assembling our greenhouse, and updating it with shelving, irrigation, etc.


Planting trees around the property, and measuring the heights of select trees.

Cat House

A project to build a shelter and feeder for the family of feral cats that adopted us.

House Electrical

Electrical work in our house.


Projects related to our workshop.


Various construction projects related to beekeeping.

Garden Plumbing

Various plumbing projects around the homestead.

Chicken Run

A project to build the fence and netting roof of an outdoor run for the new chicken coop.

Chicken Coop

A big project to build a new chicken coop.

Potato Planters

A simple project to build three potato planters.