Bee shed: door

It’s been a month since I last did work on the bee shed project, due to a vacation and rainy weather, but yesterday I made more progress.

The project of the day was the door. But first I tweaked the doorframe a little, adjusting the boards on the left side to make the frame more straight, and adding some bracing to help hold the frame to the posts, and provide more support for the corrugated cladding:


Then I built the door itself. I did so on top of three sheets of plywood (that will be used for the shelving), to help make it flat:


I added self-adhesive foam weather stripping around the frame:

Weather strip and hinge

The door mounted on hinges:

Door mounted

From further back:

Door mounted

The door (mostly) closed; the two middle cross-pieces are lower than the wall ones, to allow for where the corrugated panels will overlap:


For the door handle, I added a 2×6 block backer and a 2×4 on the left, to protect the hand from the corrugated panel:

Door handle area

Here’s the door handle and latch installed; it’s a bit close to the left, so can only be opened with a right hand, which isn’t ideal; I think I might tweak this to add another board between the left one and the handle, to enable left-handled opening too (nice thing about assembling with screws, easy enough to tweak it):

Door handle

The latch on the inside; I chose this style latch as it can be opened from inside. I think I’ll add a handle on the inside too, to make it easier to pull the door closed from inside if desired:


The current state of the door; it looks like it sagged a bit while installing the latch (it’ll be braced by the corrugated panels when finished), so I might see if I can fix that too:


We need to do a beehive inspection, and I need to mow the lawns, so it might be a week or so before I can do more work on this. Next up will be the tweaks I mentioned, then I’ll be ready to add the corrugated cladding on that wall and the door.

Cat update for week ending April 17

Not many pictures of the cats this week, as my cameras were having issues, but some nice ones.

Firstly, two cats in the garden by the stream (which was off at the time; I just turned it on yesterday):

Two cats

Porcini on a path:


Paladin doesn’t like the pâté wet food, so I’m giving it to the ferals; they’re not as picky. Here’s Spud enjoying it:

Wet food

Porcini asleep inside the cat house:


An animated time-lapse GIF of several hours inside the house, showing her movements:


A skunk visited the house too:


Porcini is an expert at relaxing:


One more picture of her, outside this time:


Finally, Pommie oozing out of a cabin on a warm afternoon:


Flock Friday for April 16

Some quite nice pictures of the ducks and chickens this week; sunny weather helps get better photos.

Some ducks in the pond:

Ducks in the pond

Duck butt:

Duck butt

Ducks on the lawn; I love Rémy’s shiny green head:

Ducks on the lawn

Betty peeking at me around the duck house:

Betty peeking

Chickens with treats (apple and kale this day):

Chickens with treats


Chickens with treats

On another day, chickens expectantly waiting for treats:

Expectant chickens

Chickens with treats (cauliflower, grapes, and Brussels sprouts, in order of their preference):

Chickens with treats

Chickens with treats

Chickens with treats

Chickens with treats

Chickens with treats

The ducks continue to lay eggs in the duck house, but nobody sitting on them yet; we’re leaving them there for now, just in case:

Duck eggs

Bert on the duck house ramp:

Bert on the duck house ramp

Cat update for week ending April 10

This week on Caturday, various feral cats, several watching me, plus a GIF of a possum at the cat house.

Comfy Porcini in the cat house:

Porcini in the cat house

Cats greeting:

Cats greeting

A GIF of a possum climbing onto the awning of the cat house (no cats home at the time):


Spud relaxing in our kitchen garden, watching me watching him from a window:



Porcini in a cabin, watching me walk past:

Porcini in a cabin

Paladout watching me refill the cat feeder:


Paladout and Porcini:

Paladout and Porcini

Porcini on a bench by the fountain garden:



And Bella watching me from under the bench:


Finally, three cats at the cabins:

Three cats at the cabins

Flock Friday for April 9

For Flock Friday this week, some ducks and chickens, plus duck eggs in a new place.

Some ducks in the pond by the duck house ramp:


Others in the shallow end:


Hey, look what I found: three duck eggs in a nesting box in the duck house! I wonder if they’ll lay more there; that is the ideal place to lay:

Duck eggs

Betty stretching a wing:


Sleepy ducks:

Sleepy ducks

Ducks on the lawn, with chickens visible in the background:

Ducks on the lawn

Chickens enjoying apple slices: