Afternoon meal in cat feeder

I enjoyed making the cat shelter GIF yesterday, so thought I’d make a time-lapse GIF for the cat feeder, too.  Both were generated by individually capturing a bunch of photos from the cam viewer, carefully timing them to be evenly spaced, then running them through Retrobatch, an excellent image conversion app for macOS, to read in the files, scale them, combine them into an animated GIF, and write that out.

For the cat shelter one I captured 106 images at 5 minute intervals; for this one I captured 57 images at 30 second intervals.

This was from yesterday afternoon; I noticed they’d eaten all the food, so I dispensed more, and three cats arrived to chow down:

GIF of cat feeder

Cat update for week ending June 15

Thanks for the nice comments on yesterday’s new feature, Flock Friday. Check it out if you missed it. I enjoy doing these weekly cat posts, so it’ll be good to show pictures of the various birds more regularly, too.

On to the the cats. You know I can’t resist a cute snuggle or three:

Snuggling cats

Snuggling cats

Snuggling cats

A sequence of images of an encounter between the alien orange cat and Poppy (aka mamacat):

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

Poppy expressed her disdain of the orange cat:

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

The orange cat took the hint, and wandered off, but Poppy wasn’t satisfied, and followed after:

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

Poppy swiped at the orange cat… then hid under the cat house until he left:

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

Four cats:

Four cats

Poppy and Porcini watching birds:

Cats watching birds

The twins:

Twin cats

Four cats (can you see all of them?):

Four cats

Poppy & Porcini again:

Poppy & Porcini

The orange cat again, but interestingly one of our ferals walked by, without seeming too concerned; maybe they are getting used to each other, slowly:

Orange cat & another

When we had really hot weather recently, I turned off the heat lamp and opened the vent in the duck house. Then in the evening, around sunset, I went back out to the duck house to turn the lamp back on, and mostly close the vent. On both evenings I did that, cats followed me back to the front door. Here are three cats on the front steps:

Three cats on the front steps

I’m not entirely sure what they were thinking… perhaps remembering when I used to do rounds and give them wet food on the steps, before I built the cat house. That’s been a while, though. Or just happened to be around, since soon before sunset is when they usually turn up to the cat house for dinner.

Similarly, on another day, a cat watched from kitchen garden as Jenn headed towards the greenhouse:

Cat in kitchen garden

It does encourage me when they show signs of being comfortable around us (so long as we keep a distance).

Finally, a fun (but low-quality) GIF of a cat reversing course:

Reversing course GIF

Cat update for week ending April 13

Happy Caturday. Read on for the usual cat cuteness, plus a fun GIF.

Here’s Porcini looking at the camera in the feeder:


And Portabella (and another behind her) waiting for breakfast:


The alien orange cat:

Orange cat

A different alien cat:

Different cat

A good stretch:


Cats looking out the window & door, and another on the deck:

Looking out window & door, and on deck

Four inside:

Four inside

Four outside:

Four outside

A screenshot of my camera app, showing all five cats (two on the deck, one in the shelter, two in the feeder):

Screenshot of all five cats

The front shop cat, Pepper, looking at the camera (plus a sneak peek of some progress on the duck house; an update on that probably tomorrow):

Pepper in the shop

It’s hard to see, but all five cats are in this picture; can you spot them all?

All five cats





Finally, a fun GIF of a cat scratching a tree:

GIF of cat scratching tree