Cat update for week ending June 15

Thanks for the nice comments on yesterday’s new feature, Flock Friday. Check it out if you missed it. I enjoy doing these weekly cat posts, so it’ll be good to show pictures of the various birds more regularly, too.

On to the the cats. You know I can’t resist a cute snuggle or three:

Snuggling cats

Snuggling cats

Snuggling cats

A sequence of images of an encounter between the alien orange cat and Poppy (aka mamacat):

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

Poppy expressed her disdain of the orange cat:

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

The orange cat took the hint, and wandered off, but Poppy wasn’t satisfied, and followed after:

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

Poppy swiped at the orange cat… then hid under the cat house until he left:

Orange cat & Poppy encounter

Four cats:

Four cats

Poppy and Porcini watching birds:

Cats watching birds

The twins:

Twin cats

Four cats (can you see all of them?):

Four cats

Poppy & Porcini again:

Poppy & Porcini

The orange cat again, but interestingly one of our ferals walked by, without seeming too concerned; maybe they are getting used to each other, slowly:

Orange cat & another

When we had really hot weather recently, I turned off the heat lamp and opened the vent in the duck house. Then in the evening, around sunset, I went back out to the duck house to turn the lamp back on, and mostly close the vent. On both evenings I did that, cats followed me back to the front door. Here are three cats on the front steps:

Three cats on the front steps

I’m not entirely sure what they were thinking… perhaps remembering when I used to do rounds and give them wet food on the steps, before I built the cat house. That’s been a while, though. Or just happened to be around, since soon before sunset is when they usually turn up to the cat house for dinner.

Similarly, on another day, a cat watched from kitchen garden as Jenn headed towards the greenhouse:

Cat in kitchen garden

It does encourage me when they show signs of being comfortable around us (so long as we keep a distance).

Finally, a fun (but low-quality) GIF of a cat reversing course:

Reversing course GIF

Cat update for week ending April 13

Happy Caturday. Read on for the usual cat cuteness, plus a fun GIF.

Here’s Porcini looking at the camera in the feeder:


And Portabella (and another behind her) waiting for breakfast:


The alien orange cat:

Orange cat

A different alien cat:

Different cat

A good stretch:


Cats looking out the window & door, and another on the deck:

Looking out window & door, and on deck

Four inside:

Four inside

Four outside:

Four outside

A screenshot of my camera app, showing all five cats (two on the deck, one in the shelter, two in the feeder):

Screenshot of all five cats

The front shop cat, Pepper, looking at the camera (plus a sneak peek of some progress on the duck house; an update on that probably tomorrow):

Pepper in the shop

It’s hard to see, but all five cats are in this picture; can you spot them all?

All five cats





Finally, a fun GIF of a cat scratching a tree:

GIF of cat scratching tree