Cat update for week ending August 28

Welcome to the last ever Caturday on this blog. The outdoor feral cats adopted us in August 2017, and we’ve enjoyed watching them around the homestead ever since. But as with the ducks and chickens, it’s time for someone else to look after them, as we begin our new adventure in a motorhome.

So let’s take a last look at some of the cats. Here are two outside their house:

Two cats

Spud sleeping in a cabin:

Cat in cabin

Cat outside the feeder:

Cat outside feeder

And inside the feeder:

Cat inside feeder

Porcini relaxing in a garden:

Cat in garden

A cat eating, and another waiting outside:

Two cats

Spud in a cabin again:

Cat in cabin

Cat in cabin

Finally, lets finish with an animated GIF of cats at their house:

Cats GIF

We will miss watching the cats. But we’ll still have our pet cat Paladin, so cat pictures will continue on my personal blog.

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