Chicks: doubled crate

The chicks are getting bigger fast, and their new home isn’t quite ready yet, so I added a second large dog crate to their temporary home upstairs. They seem happier to have more space, even if the expansion process itself was “the worst thing they’d ever experienced”.

Happy birthday chicks!

The chicks are one month old today.

Hard to believe they were this tiny only a month ago:

And here are all 16 of them today; still got a lot of growing to do, but significantly bigger:

Here are an assortment of other pictures from today:


An assortment of chick pictures for your enjoyment.

Chicks: Merida & Domino

I spend time with the chicks each day (in the morning and before going to bed). This morning, I had one of the two most friendly chicks hanging out on my left hand/arm while getting and holding others in my right hand. Then I had both of the friendly ones at once, as pictured below.

This is Domino, a Dominique chick.  (I bet you can’t guess where her name comes from!) She is very friendly, and likes to snuggle in the palm, and often falls asleep soon after being picked up.

Here’s Merida, who I believe is a White Plymouth Rock, along with Domino.

Both again. It looks like Merida is being confrontational (she is Top Chicken), but a moment later they both settled down again.