Flock Friday for July 2

A little later than usual for Flock Friday, as we were out all morning while the house was inspected. But I wouldn’t want to miss sharing the fun pictures of our chickens and ducks!

Let’s start with some chickens with a head of lettuce from our veggie garden:

Chickens with a head of lettuce

The pond, with ducks and a bird flying low over the pond, to dip its beak for a drink:

Pond, ducks, bird

Another shot of a bird diving for a drink, plus Sonja on the island sitting on several of her ducklings:

Pond ducks, bird

A couple of ducks enjoying some shade:

Ducks enjoying some shade

I love that shiny green head:


Hot chickens; chickens panting on one of the really hot days this week (don’t worry, they have flowing water to cool off):

Hot chickens

Hot chickens

Hot chickens

Sonja and ducklings:

Sonja and ducklings

Ducks on and near the island:

Ducks on and near the island

Betty and her ducklings:

Betty and ducklings

Sonja and ducklings, and more ducks on the island:


Sonja and ducklings:

Sonja and ducklings

Ducks on the lawn; Betty and her ducklings on the left, others in the middle, and Sonja’s ducklings on the right:

Ducks on the lawn

Chickens roosting in their run:

Chickens in their run

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