Cat update for week ending August 7

Also starting the last month of Caturdays. Since people have asked, fear not, the new owner of our homestead will be caring for all of our animals: the feral cats, ducks, chickens, and even the bees.

A relaxed Bella on the deck of the cat house:

Relaxed Bella

Two cats at breakfast time:

Two cats

Porcini watching me walk past:


Spud and Bella:

Two cats

Bella on the deck again:


Bella and Spud again:

Two cats

A GIF of a stretch and scratching the tree:

Two cats

A still image from then:

Two cats

Two alien cats at night:

Two alien cats

Bella by the water dispenser:


3 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending August 7

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  2. You’re going to miss them.

    I’M going to miss them!

    And the ducks
    And the bids.
    And even the chickens

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