Chicken coop: left & center wall framing

Nice weather this weekend, so I’m taking advantage of it to continue work on the new chicken coop.

First up is the east wall, on the left of the coop. This is much the same as the west wall, except it has a “poop door” at the bottom. This will be a hatch to make it easy to remove trays that catch the chicken poop that accumulates under the roosts where they sleep at night, making it easier to clean.

Here’s the design drawing:

And construction underway:


Next up is the center wall, which will divide the chicken’s part of the coop from the storage area.

The drawing for the center wall:

Finally, I added the double top plates to the walls. This adds extra rigidity to the structure. Here’s a view from atop the ladder:

And the whole coop, showing all five walls:

Lastly, a picture Jenn caught of me:

Tomorrow I’ll mount the roof rafters, and perhaps do the sub-fascia.

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