Chicken coop: center door, roosts, light

The new chicken coop is almost complete!

There are a few things to finish off: some latches and such for the windows and doors, the custom waterer & feeder, the pop door controller, and the nesting boxes. But those can wait; it is now finished enough for the chicks to move in, at last. Probably tomorrow.

By popular request (i.e. Jenn said she preferred it), I’m going to go back to captions above the photos in the blog. Sorry for any confusion.

Here’s the center door under construction: hardware cloth sandwiched between two 1×4 boards:

And finished:

The center doors installed. It’s a split door, so I could have the bottom half closed and the top open, if desired. The two halves will have a slide bolt tying them together:

View of the door from the coop side:

Finishing the hardware cloth on the wall, plus a temporary barrier below. The nesting boxes will go there, so will have a solid wall where the temporary one is (they won’t need nesting boxes for a few months, so no need to add them yet):

Roosting bars installed, and a temporary poop tray below. I’ll later build a frame with fencing wire on top to keep the chickens off the poop tray:

A closer look at one end of the roost bars. They are removable for cleaning:

A temporary latch for the center door, until I get a chance to go to Home Depot for a nicer one:

Electrical cord and timer for the light:

Why settle for a boring light when the chickies can have a chandelier?! A multi-color one in keeping with the Caribbean-inspired paint colors of the exterior:

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