Chicken coop: painting siding & installing windows

As mentioned yesterday, Jenn started painting the siding while I was doing irrigation stuff. Today, she continued, while I did some changes to the poop door, and mounted the two end windows. Read on for more.

Cutting in the paint on the siding.

West and south walls painted (barring touch-ups).

The large piles of door & window hardware to be installed.

I replaced and moved the handle on the poop door (see original), and replaced the hook & eye latches with gate latches, which work much better.

Hard to see, but there’s another gate latch to hold the door open, too.

East & north walls painted, and east window installed.

West window installed. Again I used a hook & eye latch, but am not pleased with how well it holds the window closed, so will probably replace it with a slide bolt or something. Hey, I need to go back to Home Depot anyway — my table saw died, so I’ll take it in for repair (fortunately I don’t really need it anymore for this project).

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