Chicken coop: vents & windows

Over the last couple of days, when not doing paid work, I mounted the vent doors, added pulleys for the windows, installed door & window stops, and added hardware cloth on the windows and part of the center wall.

Vent doors on the south side.

I’ve currently added a hook & eye to hold one of the vents open (or closed) as an experiment. But once again, I’ve decided to use a slide bolt instead. The hook & eye just doesn’t feel as secure. So this will change.

Added a pulley & rope to open (and hold open) the window. It doesn’t feel as secure with only one, and the window can twist a bit, so I plan to add a second pulley & rope.

Rope cleat.


Open. A nice thing about using a rope is that I can open the window to whatever angle is desired. 

Some deer wandering past while I work.

Added door & window stops.

The pop door controller window on the left (the controller will be mounted on that green backing, which is a door), and one of the vents with a hardware cloth screen.

Hardware cloth on the north window.

Hardware cloth on part of the center wall.

The view out the north window.

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