Chicken run roof

Over the last several days, I finished off the new chicken run, fully enclosing it with a netting roof.

Firstly, I extended the fence between the two chicken runs, to be the same height as the rest of the new run fencing:

Then I installed poles and beams every 8 feet:

A beam over the roof of the coop:

One last escape by Camilla:

Poles and north-south beams done:

Started adding netting:

Buffy enjoying a perch on the ladder:

Adding east-west beams:



View from above (hard to see the netting; it covers the entire top):

Easier to see here:

4 thoughts on “Chicken run roof

    1. Staple gun. It’s just lightweight netting. Though it collapses under snow, so I plan to replace with welded wire fencing, with poultry (U-shaped) nails.

        1. Ah, interesting… I hadn’t considered that option. I might try that too — more sturdy than the lightweight netting I have currently, but not as much hassle as welded wire. And much cheaper.

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