Bee inspection: passing of purple

We did a beehive inspection today.


The yellow hive is still looking great, with lots of honey stored for the winter:

The Flow hive is also doing well, with a decent amount of stored honey:

I mentioned in my previous bee blog post that we were concerned about the purple hive; that it seemed like it had collapsed.

Well, that’s been confirmed. There were no bees, and all the frames had been robbed, i.e. all the honey scavenged by other bees and wasps, leaving just empty wax cells:

We removed the two dead hives:

Disappointing, especially since the purple hive was doing so well earlier.

We’ll replace the frames and get a couple more nucs to replace the bees next year, and try again.

2 thoughts on “Bee inspection: passing of purple

  1. What causes a collapse of a hive? Is it having no queen, for whatever reason? And are the frames contaminated afterwards? The outer shell of the hive is still OK to reuse?

    1. Not sure in this case. Could be disease, could be the queen died, or something else. We won’t reuse the frames, but the box should be fine.

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