Cat update: snuggle piles

As the weather gets cooler, the feral cats have been spending more time snuggling in the dry warmth of the shelter, as I’d hoped. At least some of them have spent most of the night, and sometimes most of the day in the shelter, though they typically go out patrolling during the day.

So this week, I’ve captured numerous photos like the following one, of several cats snuggled together inside:

But I do enjoy the odd goofy shot:

Nothing like a good stretch after a satisfying meal:

They don’t always snuggle together; here are four cats spread out inside:

Or sometimes some snuggle, but one prefers to be by herself:

But snuggling together can be dangerous:

As you may have seen in this video.

Another cat pile:

A breakfast queue:

This morning we were excited to see all five cats together; usually we only see up to four at a time, but in this screenshot you can see five: one on the deck, two in the feeder, and two in the shelter:

A later breakfast queue, with a bunch of Fall leaves:

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