Cat update: nothing too dramatic

Nothing too dramatic happened at the cat house this past week… but here’s a very “dramatic chipmonk” look:

This look from a few seconds later is amusing, too:

We did have a few un-dramatic visits by disappointed raccoons (notice the cat peeking from inside; didn’t even run away):

And a slightly more dramatic visit by a disappointed possum (with a cat in the doorway, who did retreat, and another inside, who didn’t):

Look closely at this picture; sure, there’s a cat on the awning, but do you notice the paw sticking up from under the deck?

Jumping down from the top of the facade:

All five cats snuggling inside again; makes me happy to see that:

A bit later, some cute licks:

All five for breakfast a couple of days later:

Did you watch the video of this on YouTube?

Enjoying some sun on the deck:

Spud and Porcini doing their play-fighting thing, while Poppy sleeps below:

Spud (front) and Portabella (back) nuzzling with their mother, Poppy (left):

I can’t decide if that or this shot from a couple of minutes later is more cute:

Preparing to jump up on top of the camera housing:

Levitating cat!

Another levitating cat; jumping up to the facade, the reverse of the shot earlier:

(Rather thick fog, too.)

That’s it for this week.

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