Duck house: cutting floor & walls

As mentioned in a previous post, I started work on building the duck house on Sunday. So far, I’ve just cut various pieces.

First up, the floor. Here you can see a 4×4’ square of plywood in the background, which will be the floor of the duck house, plus another full sheet of thinner plywood in the foreground, to be cut for a couple of walls:

Plywood floor for duck house

I want to use 2×2” boards for the corner studs, but don’t have any on hand, so I made some: I “ripped” (cut lengthwise) a couple of 2×4 boards to make 2x2s:

Ripped 2x4 stud

Here I used a chalk string line to mark where to cut the plywood for the roofline:

Chalk string lines marking roofline cuts

After cutting; there are actually two identical walls stacked here. These will be the front and back (aka west and east) walls:

Cut wall

The front wall with studs laid in position, and the duck door marked:

Wall with studs

Several cut pieces of plywood, including the front wall on top of the floor in the background, and the back wall, shelf, and dividers in the foreground:

Several pieces of plywood

Next weekend I’ll start assembling the pieces.

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