Duck house: last of the battens

Last Saturday I finished off adding the battens for the fake board-and-batten siding.

Here’s the front (west) wall:


A closer view of that wall.  There’s a gap between the bottom of the battens and the loose board above the awning, as it will be attached after the roofing shingles, which will raise it up a bit:


The north wall, with new battens to the left of the maintenance doors:


The east wall, with the cupboard doors, and new battens below the doors:


The south wall, with the sliding vent.  The wall behind the vent cover is recessed enough to allow for the battens (almost like I planned it, eh):


I drilled a hole through the wall from the cupboard for power cords (power to the house, and from the house to the pond pump).  To make them tidier, I added a conduit with a removable cover for the wires to travel down the wall:

Power cord conduit

Here’s the inside of the power cord hole, and the cover for the inside, with a notch for the wires:

Power cord hole & cover

I also added a surround to screw the cover into:

Power cord hole surround

And a similar surround for the power cord hole between the cupboard and main part:

Power cord hole surround

Finally, I added a couple of boards to the back of the cupboard to enable adding screws to mount the power strip and light timer:

Mounts for electronics

That concludes the construction phase, at least until I build the floor joists and ramp. Next up: starting painting!

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