Duck house: starting painting

Over the past few days I started painting the duck house.

But first, I removed the roof, so I could paint to the edges of the walls:

Removed the roof

The roof will be screwed to the walls on installation; it is kept separate for now to make moving it easier. Here’s the underside of the roof:


Some more caulking:


Then it was time to start painting. I started with red paint on the walls. This is the same red as on the cat house (leftover paint):

Red paint

Then blue paint on the doors; again the same as on the cat house:

Blue paint

Then white paint on the trim around the doors:

White paint trim

And the trim and interior of the walls etc; here’s the south and east sides:

White paint

East and north sides:

White paint

North and west sides:

White paint

Inside, looking at the treat door and nesting boxes. I didn’t paint inside the chicken coop or cat house, but ducks are very damp, so I wanted to paint everything here, using outdoor paint, to help protect against moisture. Note that this is only the first coat of white paint, so is still a bit patchy; it’ll get a second coat later:

White paint

Inside, looking at the west wall with the duck door:

White paint

Next up: the second coat of white paint, which will conclude the painting.  Then I can attach the door hardware, and do the roofing. Once I buy some drip strip and shingles.

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