Cat update for week ending June 22

Unlike the flock pics, I didn’t have a huge collection of cat pictures this week, as the cats haven’t been hanging around as much, as is typical in warmer weather. But I did choose some interesting ones. Interesting to me, anyway.

Firstly, the twin cats:

Twin cats

The cats haven’t been spending much time in the shelter, since it isn’t all that cold at night, but occasionally they rest for a bit, especially while waiting for breakfast to be dispensed:

Two cats inside

Hey, is this photo mis-filed?! Sure, it contains birds… but also a cat.  Can you see it?

Cat under bird feeders

Here’s another one, that includes two cats. One should be easy to see:

Cats under bird feeders

A cat less stealthily watching a bird on a feeder hook:

Cat watching bird on feeder

Spud in front of the cat house:

Cat in front of shelter

Three cats:

Three cats

About to leap on top of the camera housing:

Up close cat

Four cats:

Four cats

Two story cats:

Two story cats

Another encounter between the alien orange cat & Poppy, in night vision and color:

Orange cat & Poppy

Orange cat & Poppy

(It ended peacefully enough, when Poppy ran off.)

One more pic of a cat watching birds, from a few minutes ago:

Cat watching birds

That’s it for this week!

3 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending June 22

  1. Pingback: David Sinclair
    1. The bird feeders are fairly close, 100’ or so. They roam beyond our property; not sure how far. They are citizens of the world.

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