Cat update for week ending June 29

What’s this? Another cat update?! How unexpected. Or something.

Three cats in the feeder:

Three cats in the feeder

The alien orange cat has been hanging around a lot recently. So much so that we’ve decided to give him a name, in keeping with our convention of giving “P” names to cats: Pumpkin. We wonder if he’s feral, stray, or someone’s pet. Here he’s peeking into the feeder, while Poppy eats:

Orange cat peeking into the feeder

He was noticed:

Orange cat peeking into feeder

A rapid egress:

Rapid egress

He went into the feeder and Poppy came back to watch him:

Orange cat in feeder

Orange cat in feeder

That evening, a sleepy Poppy:

Sleepy cat

We had some other alien visitors, including a raccoon:


The gray alien cat:

Gray alien cat

A possum:


In the front of the shop, here’s Pepper:

Pepper in the shop

In the back of the shop, Pansy makes a funny face:

Pansy face

A better picture of Pansy:

Pansy in the shop

The orange cat, Pumpkin, in the feeder again:

Orange cat in feeder

And in the shelter, where he slept for several hours:

Orange cat in shelter

Two cats in the feeder:

Two cats in feeder

Pumpkin sleeping in the shelter again; he’s really been hanging out a lot:

Orange cat in shelter

A cat in the feeder, waiting for breakfast:

Cat in feeder

Two cats almost colliding in the feeder:

Two cats in feeder

When I was refilling the bird feeders, I flushed Porcini out from the grass under the feeders. She watched me from under the deck:

Cat under deck

Pumpkin in the shelter again:

Orange cat in shelter

He popped out of the shelter when a feral was eating:

Orange cat and feral

In the feeder:

Orange cat in feeder

Watching a feral arriving to eat:

Orange cat and feral

The feral cat wasn’t thrilled to be watched:

Orange cat and feral

Screenshot of cat cams, with Pumpkin sleeping and Porcini eating:

Screenshot of cat cams

I really think Pumpkin wants to be friendly with the ferals, but they aren’t so accepting. I hope that he doesn’t (unintentionally) chase them away. I don’t mind him hanging around, but would be sad if they left. I’m hoping that they all learn to get along one day, though I know that’ll take a long time, if ever.

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