Cat update for week ending July 13

Let’s start Caturday with a cat climbing a pole behind the cat house:

Cat climbing pole

A raccoon and possum have an encounter on the deck:

Raccoon vs possum

Three cats:

Three cats

Actually, there were four cats; one more inside the shelter, as seen in this screenshot:

Four cats

In another screenshot, we can see a raccoon in the feeder while two cats are in the shelter:

Raccoon while cats inside

Not content with that, the raccoon came in the shelter with the cats, who gently suggested it might want to be elsewhere, with much hissing and growling:

Raccoon in shelter with cats

Surprisingly, they didn’t evacuate after that; they just curled up for more snuggles:

Cat snuggles

A possum also visited (yes, the same night), and was also directed towards the exit:

Possum in shelter with cats

More snuggles:

More snuggles

As if the raccoon and possum weren’t enough for one night, Pumpkin, the orange cat, also paid a visit, and was more forcefully told he wasn’t welcome; they were more vocal with him than the wildlife:

Orange cat in shelter

Why won’t they be my friends?

Orange cat

Porcini looking at the camera on the way in to breakfast:

Porcini looking at the camera

They’ve been using the shelter more this week, despite the unwelcome visitors: