Cat update for week ending September 14

Despite my chicken chase video earlier this morning, it’s actually Caturday… so here are some cats.

A cat stretching to the awning, while another eats:

Cat stretching to awning

Three cats inside:

Three cats inside

Two cats rather early for breakfast (it dispenses at 06:00):

Two cats

A couple on the deck, and one inside:

Three cats

Three on the deck; Poppy licking her lips (I think there might be a fourth eating, too):

Three cats

Four cats:

Four cats

A cat relaxing on the path next to the stream (the cat house is behind the maple tree):

Cat on path

Enjoying a sunbeam inside:

Sleepy cat

The twin cats watching a bird:

Twin cats

A cat by the pond:

Cat by pond

A couple of cats on the deck, and another peering out from a window:

Three cats

Three cats inside:

Three cats inside

Four cats inside:

Four cats inside

Poppy has droplets of rain on her fur, glinting in the light:

Four cats inside

Speaking of inside, did you see the animated GIF of a night in the cat house?

A series of pics of a cat having a moment:

Cat with head under mat

Cat having a moment

Cat having a moment



Three cats with tails raised high (unusual for ferals; they’re usually more guarded of their rears):

Three cats

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