Cat update for week ending September 21

Time once again to take a peek in the cat house.

One of the twins playing inside:

Cat playing inside

About to jump onto the camera housing:

About to jump



Two for breakfast:

Two for breakfast

A raccoon visited soon after breakfast was dispensed:


So I decided that since it was getting light later, I should change the feeder schedule to dispense half an hour later.

Three cats:

Three cats

One arrives while another is eating:

Two cats



Poppy is sleeping, and another cat arrives:

Sleeping and arrival

Another unwelcome guest, a possum; fortunately with no food left:


Porcini waiting for breakfast; she didn’t get the memo of the later breakfast time:

Waiting for breakfast

Pepper in the shop:

Pepper in the shop

Spud on the front steps:

Spud on the front steps

A couple of days later, Spud hanging around again, on the kitchen lawn:

Spud on the kitchen lawn

A Steller’s Jay making poor life choices:

Steller's Jay making poor life choices

Went back for several more bits of food:

Steller's Jay making poor life choices

Looking out the window:

Looking out the window

Three cats on the deck:

Three cats on the deck

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