Cat update for week ending September 28

Time for lots of pictures of our feral cats; it’s Caturday.

This past week Porcini has taken to sitting on the bench by the fountain on sunny days; a nice spot, somewhat near the cat house, where she can keep an eye on things:

Porcini on bench by fountain

Poppy looking at a bird:

Poppy looking at a bird



Three cats waiting for breakfast in the shelter:

Three cats inside

Two cats snuggling in the evening:

Two cats inside

A screenshot of the camera viewing app, showing four cats; two in the shelter, one on the deck, one eating:

Four cats

A Steller’s jay making very bad choices, when there’s a cat in the shelter (don’t worry, the bird flew away before the cat came out):

Steller's Jay making very bad choices

Porcini sleeping on the bench again:

Porcini on bench again

Porcini coming out of the feeder:

Porcini coming out of feeder

When the weather isn’t so nice, Porcini has another solution: sleeping on one of the chairs on our deck, under the shelter of the gazebo (with a nice view of hummingbirds flying to the feeders):

Porcini on deck chair

We had suspected a cat was doing that for a while, as we noticed cat fur on the cushions, but this was the first time we’d seen her doing so.

The orange cat, Pumpkin, watching a possum that scored some leftover food:

Orange cat and possum

Pumpkin spent some time inside the shelter, too:

Orange cat inside

Two cats snuggling inside:

Two cats snuggling inside

A screenshot showing Pumpkin peeking at others inside:

Orange cat peeking in at others

A sequence of images of Pumpkin going into the shelter when Poppy was there:

Orange cat going into shelter

Orange cat in shelter

Poppy hissed at Pumpkin:

Orange cat in shelter

But Pumpkin just settled down, and Poppy relaxed:

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

They shared the shelter for about an hour, then Poppy left:

Orange cat and Poppy in shelter

And Pumpkin stuck around for another hour before departing too:

Orange cat in shelter

Orange cat in shelter

Orange cat in shelter

This morning, two cats waiting for breakfast inside; they don’t seem to mind the smell of Pumpkin:

Two cats inside

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