Cat update for week ending September 7

Continuing the cavalcade of Caturday!

Last weekend the cinderblock that the outdoor cat cam is housed within was knocked over:

Camera knocked over

Upon reviewing the footage, apparently that happened as a result of an encounter between the alien orange cat, Pumpkin, and two of our ferals, one in the feeder, and one on top of the camera housing:

Orange cat encounter

When the latter took off at great speed, it was enough force to dislodge the block, resulting in this exciting view of the ground:

Camera knocked over

One day I plan to build a nice wooden housing for the camera, but it isn’t a high priority, so the stack of cinderblocks will suffice for now.

One peek at a couple of cats inside:

Cats inside

Another alien cat encounter, between the gray cat (Paladout) and Porcini:

Gray cat encounter

After coming up behind unnoticed, she went around the back and hissed at him from the other side:

Gray cat encounter

Here Porcini is having a good stretch while licking her lips after eating:

Stretch & lick

Four cats (one eating, three outside):

Four cats

A raccoon looking at the camera:



Chasing a bug:

Chasing a bug

Another orange cat encounter; the feral is eating breakfast, oblivious to Pumpkin:

Orange cat encounter

Then notices, and runs away:

Orange cat encounter

Three cats, one looking at a bird:

Three cats

A couple of cats on the deck, a couple relaxing by the tree:

Four cats

Bella bapping a bug:

Bapping a bug

Porcini staring at a spider:

Staring at a bug

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