Cat update for week ending October 12

Let’s take a look at the cats; welcome to another Caturday at the homestead.

Poppy on the deck, looking her usual grumpy self, Porcini in front of the camera:

Two cats

Sleepy cat:

Sleepy cat

The alien orange cat, Pumpkin, has been hanging out in the shelter quite a bit this week, waiting for the food to dispense:

Orange cat

Here he is arriving in the shelter when Poppy is already there:

Orange cat arrives

Poppy expressed her displeasure at the arrival with some hissing and swiping, which Pumpkin ignored:

Not happy abput it

After both settling for a while, Pumpkin defended the shelter from raccoons:

Hissing at raccoons

The two raccoons:


Then they settled down again:


When the food dispensed, Pumpkin was first there again:

Orange cat and food dispensing

Still the same morning, Pumpkin was in the shelter when the gray alien cat, Paladout, arrived:

Orange vs gray cats

Orange vs gray cats:

Orange vs gray cats

A screenshot of the cam viewer app on my iPad, showing Paladout in the feeder, Pumpkin on the deck, and Poppy in the shelter:

Orange vs gray cats

When more food started dispensing, Paladout started freaking out; he wanted to run away, but the entrance was blocked:

Orange vs gray cats

Not happy:

Orange vs gray cats

After a few minutes standoff, Pumpkin lost interest and went back in the shelter, allowing Paladout to leave:

Orange vs gray cats

Pansy, the indoor feral cat who lives in the back of our workshop:

Pansy in the shop

Porcini watching a bird, while another is in the feeder:

Watching a bird

Bella on the deck and Poppy next to the house, both watching a taunty bird:

Watching a bird

When feeding the birds, I flushed both Poppy and Porcini out from the grasses under the bird feeders, and they ran to under our deck:

Under the deck

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