Cat update for week ending October 19

Like with the ducks, I capture a lot of cat pictures, though mostly from the cam recordings, since I don’t see the cats in person as much. This week, however, I also have some phone photos, to make things more interesting. I managed to narrow them down from 88 to 25 pictures. Let’s dive in.

A queue of cats at breakfast time:

A queue of cats

Pumpkin yawning in the shelter; he’s been spending most mornings in there:

Pumpkin yawning in the shelter

Three cats outside (one stretching on the tree):

Three cats outside

Walking away on the driveway:

Walking away on the driveway

Two cats on a bench overlooking the field; a little hard to see the second one through the slats:

Two cats on a bench

The second one is a bit more visible in this shot; you can also see the side of the cat house on the right, to give some context:

Two cats on a bench

Poppy face:

Poppy face

Porcini looking at the camera:

Porcini looking at the camera

Having a bath on the driveway:

Having a bath on the driveway

Porcini peeking at me from behind the tree:

Porcini peeking from behind the tree

Porcini by the front steps:

Porcini by the front steps

Poppy vs Pumpkin; as usual, she hissed at him, he stood there for a while, then wandered off:

Poppy vs Pumpkin

Bella about to jump onto the camera housing:

Bella about to jump onto the camera housing

Here comes trouble; Pumpkin approaches from behind the cat house while two others are there:

Here comes trouble

A hiss then rapid retreat:


Poppy on the deck, Porcini rubbing against the corner:

Poppy and Porcini

A nice afternoon nap:

Afternoon nap



They sat like this for quite a while; couldn’t eat another bite:

Couldn't eat another bite

Me cleaning the blown leaves out of the feeder area:

Cleaning leaves

Me refilling the water dispenser:

Refilling water

Poppy sniffing the water dispenser:

Poppy sniffing water dispenser

Bella looking at the camera:

Bella looking at the camera

Pepper in the front of the shop:

Pepper in the front of the shop

A rare in-person sighting of Pansy in the back of the shop:

Pansy in the back of the shop

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