Cat update for week ending November 30

Some interesting shots in today’s Caturday post.

Let’s start with some cat ID: Pommie (left), Spud (deck), Porcini (right):

Pommie (left), Spud (deck), Porcini (right)

An alien cat:

Alien cat

Porcini peeking at me from the cabin as I walk past:


Two cats, in a picture taken from our deck (you may have to look closely to see the second one):


There were actually three cats; a third on a rock, visible from a different angle:


Three cats at the feeder:

Three cats

A raccoon encounter at the cabin:

Raccoon encounter

Raccoon encounter

Raccoon encounter

All five cats in an iPad screenshot: one in the cabin, three on the cat deck, one in the feeder:

All five cats

A closer look at the four cats at the cat house:

Four cats

Plus one cat in the cabin:

Plus one cat

Three cats inside:

Three cats inside

The food ran out, so I did an evening food top-up:

Evening food top-up

Pumpkin is a big reason for the food running out; I’m going through the food much faster since he started hanging out:


A cat sitting on our front steps:

Cat on front steps

Two cats inside:

Two cats inside

Double-decker cats:

Double-decker cats

Cabin licks:


Pumpkin startles two others:

Pumpkin startles two others

Three cats in the feeder:

Three cats in the feeder

At the cabin:

At the cabin

Porcini on the awning:

Porcini on the awning

Three cats:

Three cats

Poppy greeting Pumpkin:

Poppy greeting Pumpkin

Pumpkin being a bit agressive:

Pumpkin being a bit agressive

Poppy and Pumpkin sleeping:

Poppy and Pumpkin sleeping

Cabin snuggles:

Cabin snuggles



Poppy would like to leave now:

Poppy would like to leave now

Cabin snuggles again:

Cabin snuggles

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