Cat update for week ending December 7

I made a new thing for the cats. Read on to see it. But first, the usual.

Two cats on the awning, one in the feeder:

Two cats on awning, one in feeder

Two cats in the cabin, and a third wanting to join them (it’s only big enough for two adult cats):

Queue for cabin

Four cats:

Four cats

Two cats inside the house:

Two cats inside house



Two cats snuggling in the cabin:

Two cats snuggling in the cabin



Poppy, Porcini, Bella:

Three cats

Jumping from the awning to the roof:

Jumping from the awning to the roof

And back down again:

Jumping from the root to the awning

Which of course freaked out the other two:


A nice last shot of the cabin in the garden (huh?!), with Porcini looking cute:

Porcini looking cute in the cabin

Two cats arrive, watched by a peeking Pumpkin:

Two cats arrive with Pumpkin inside

My latest project: I built a platform below our main deck, under the gazebo, to house the old cabin plus a second one. Both cabins are heated. It also has a wall to shelter them from the wind, and a built-in camera watching the two cabins:

New cat cabins platform

I’ll do a post about the construction of it tomorrow. The main motivation was that as I mentioned above, the cabin only fits two cats, and we care for six outdoor ones (including Pumpkin). While there’s plenty of space in the cat house for all of them, the ferals are reluctant to go in there with Pumpkin occupying it much of the time.

I also wanted to move the cabins to under the deck, and up off the ground, so they’d be more sheltered from rain and snow.

Porcini was the first to investicat the new platform and cabins:

Porcini investicating new cabins platform

Two cats investicating the new cabins platform:

Two cats investicating new cabins platform

Porcini inside the new cabin:

Porcini inside new cabin

I temporarily moved the mobile cam to the edge of the path opposite the platform. You can see the deck and gazebo above, the bird food box and garbage bin to the left, and the empty swimming pool area to the right. And two cats near the new platform:

Two cats near new platform



Between cabins:

Between cabins

Poppy went inside the old cabin; something I hadn’t ever seen her do before (this year anyway); it was exclusively occupied by her (grown) kittens. And of course Pumpkin had to check them out too:

Poppy and Pumpkin

Poppy’s traditional greeting:

Poppy's traditional greeting

Poppy and Porcini:

Poppy and Porcini

A screenshot with cats on each cam (5 total):

Screenshot with cats on each cam

Both cabins occupied, and a cat peeking:

Cabins occupied, peeking

Three pairs of eyes on Pumpkin approaching:

Eyes on Pumpkin approaching

Pumpkin hung out on the platform for about four hours, much to the consternation of a twin in the left cabin, and the slight interest of Poppy in the right:

Pumpkin on platform

Pumpkin on the platform:

Pumpkin on platform

This morning, contented cabin dwellers:

Contented cabin dwellers

This morning Pumpkin decided to try going inside a cabin, while Poppy watched with her trademarked grumpy expression:

Poppy and Pumpkin

He seemed to like it:

Poppy and Pumpkin

Bella approaching, before backing off when seeing Pumpkin:

Bella, Poppy, Pumpkin

As I write this, Poppy and Pumpkin are still in the cabins:

Poppy and Pumpkin

It’d be rather ironic if Pumpkin decides he likes the cabin better than the house now. Maybe the others will brave the more spacious house again?

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