Cat update for week ending February 29

This Caturday, some wildlife visitors and increased use of cozy accommodations.

The tripawd coyote visited again last Saturday night, but hasn’t been back since:



Poppy and Porcini having breakfast:

Poppy and Porcini

Pommie in front of the cabins:


An animated GIF of three cats going in and out of the breezeway cabin (crowded in there!), with another cat watching from the log pile in the background:

Breezeway GIF

Three cats again, this time by their house:

Three cats

A raccoon visited Porcini in a cabin:

Raccoon and Porcini

She swiped at it and retreated out the back door; it jumped back then left.  She came back later.

Raccoon and Porcini

Pommie in the breezeway:


Two cats in their house:

Two cats in their house

Two possums in the feeder (with no food). Unusual to see two; they usually travel singly. These look young, though:

Two possums

Cat closeup:

Cat closeup

Pumpkin and Porcini; he just sniffed and left. Perhaps disappointed that she has taken the cabin he had preferred. He hasn’t been hanging around very often this week:

Pumpkin and Porcini

A rare color picture of Pansy in the back of the shop, using the heating pad:


Poppy enjoyed the cat house a few times this week:



Sun setting behind Porcini:

Sun setting behind Porcini

A cat climbing up the pole behind the cat house:

Cat climbing pole

Cat climbing pole

Cat on top of pole

The cat on top of the pole from the other camera:

Cat on top of pole

Jumping down from the pole; probably not as comfortable as climbing down backwards, but faster:

Cat jumping down from pole

The left cabin is the original one I got before building the cat house, and the cover had torn off the heating pad, making it less comfortable to sit on, so the cats haven’t been using it. So I added an old spare flannel pillowcase to it, leaving the old cover bunched up at the back (it’s still partially attached):

Added pillowcase to heating pad in old cabin

Porcini and Pommie checking out the cabin with the pillowcase:

Porcini and Pommie checking out cabin

Porcini in an odd place, on top of a deck joist:

Porcini on deck joist

Pommie approved of the addition of the pillowcase:

Pommie in cabin

Pommie and Porcini in the cabins:

Pommie and Porcini in cabins

Pommie and Porcini in cabins

At the same time as that last picture, Poppy in the breezeway cabin:

Poppy in cabin

Pommie and Porcini in the cabins this morning:

Pommie and Porcini in cabins

Poppy checking out Pommie and Porcini in the cabins:

Poppy checking out Pommie and Porcini in cabins

They’re still there as I write this, a couple of hours later. Makes me happy to see cozy cats.

4 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending February 29

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  2. So, the second coyote image caused me to think the coyote was smoking a cigar (yeah, my imagination triggers on crazy stuff).

    My second thought was the coyote needed a derby hat…

    What? A derby hat?

    I was a Ernie Kovacs fan when I was a kid… I cried the night they announced his death. There was often a Gorilla in a Derby hat and the gorilla had a cigar if I remember right (hey, I was pretty young back then). I also liked the Bat Masterson show.

    Later on, I learned about Jack Woolam and his Gorilla suit complete with Derby Hat and cigar.

    So there’s this and then the back story…

    Thanks for the many wonderful memories this post spawned from a kid who still misses Ernie Kovacs!

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