Cat update for week ending March 7

This week, one GIF, some pictures with Pumpkin, a glimpse of my drone, etc.

Porcini and Pommie in the cabins:

Porcini and Pommie

Pumpkin arriving in the breezeway:

Pumpkin in the breezeway

The two cats in the cabin were not pleased to see him:

Pumpkin in the breezeway

“And stay away!”

Pumpkin in the breezeway



A GIF of cats (and briefly a raccoon) in the cabins and house. Pumpkin just wants to hang out with them:

GIF of cats

A cat arriving at the feeder while Pumpkin was eating:

Arriving while Pumpkin was eating



Two cats inside their house:

Two cats inside

Pansy on a chair in the back of the shop:


Pumpkin looking very relaxed:


Pumpkin and Poppy both arrive for breakfast at the same time:

Pumpkin and Poppy

Pumpkin went to drink some water, and Poppy was able to go in to eat:

Pumpkin and Poppy

Pumpkin peeking:

Pumpkin peeking

Two cats in the feeder:

Two cats

Pommie arrived at the cabins while Pumpkin was there:

Pommie and Pumpkin

A glimpse of my drone on the left of the picture, practicing low flying, when a couple of cats were eating:



Poppy asleep in the house:


Another cat joined her:

Two cats inside

Three cats:

Three cats

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