Flying high and low

As was foretold, some more photos of and from my new drone, as I practice flying it. Gotta put in that flight time to become proficient!

Firstly, a shot of the drone on the (rather mossy) driveway, with a bee on the nose (I didn’t take off until she left):

Drone with bee

(I probably shouldn’t attempt beekeeper humor by saying it’s not that kind of drone.)

A shot from higher up of the pond and landscaping; beehives in the upper-left, greenhouse, hoop house, veggie garden, chicken runs, etc:

Pond and landscaping

From another angle:

Pond and landscaping

Looking straight down:

Pond and landscaping

The pond, from lower down (with a duck in the middle):


The main deck, with Rory sprawled out:

Deck with Rory

The chicken runs, veggie garden, and greenhouse:

Veggie garden and chicken runs

Miles of trees:


Trees and a glimpse of Mount Hood in the distance:

Trees and Mount Hood

I then flew around at a lower level, practicing my flying precision. Here’s the drone flying through the breezeway, as seen by the cat cam there (I did check that there weren’t any cats present before flying though):


And inside the brown gazebo:

Brown gazebo

Those pictures were from yesterday. I did a little practice today, but it was too windy to go very high, so I just did more low-level flying. Here’s a shot of the flag from flagpole height, showing the breeze:


6 thoughts on “Flying high and low

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  2. Since you are a beekeeper, I guess we’ll let you get away with the drone joke. 🐝

    Do the ducks fly? No. That’s not the beginning of a joke. I really want to know.

  3. Yes, I won’t comment on the drone joke either, but very appropriate…..

    And I do think you should have an NZ flag as well!!!!

    Do you get a certificate or license or something when you have done 10,000 hours on the drone????


    1. We’ve thought about having a NZ flag too, though it might be tricky to mount.

      No certificate, but practice has the benefit of not crashing. Plus it’s fun.

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