Cat update for week ending April 18

This Caturday, various cute cats, various wildlife.

Three cats at breakfast time:

Three cats

Two cats inside their house:

Two cats inside

A GIF of Poppy drinking water and being startled by a cat climbing halfway up the pole behind the cat house then jumping down:

GIF of cat climbing pole

(Fun fact: the way Poppy raises one paw isn’t because it’s sore or something, it’s to be ready to lash out to defend herself if needed. Standard feral cat behavior for threats.)

A still of the cat pausing halfway up the pole:

Cat on pole

And jumping down:

Cat on pole

Porcini quickly exits a cabin as a coyote approaches:

Cat by cabins

It’s concerning that I’ve seen coyotes approaching the cat places recently:

Coyote by cabins

Three cats inside their house:

Three cats inside

An amusing side eye:

Side eye

Watching a bird overhead:

Cat watching bird

Since it’s no longer freezing overnight, I removed the heated water dish, and moved the water dispenser so I can see the level in the camera. It looks green mostly due to moss on the ground behind it; that is fresh water.

Dirty cat:

Dirty cat

Two cats:

Two cats

Not a cat: a possum:


Also not a cat: a raccoon a few minutes later:




Alien cat in the breezeway, with Pommie in the cabin; they exchanged words, but he left without incident:

Alien cat in breezeway

Alien cat in breezeway

Alien cat in breezeway

The sun is currently at a perfect angle to shine down the breezeway in the morning, as a cat walks past:

Cat and sun in breezeway

A nice picture of Porcini:


Poppy downstairs in their house, Bella feeling playful upstairs:

Two cats inside

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  2. Yeah, I’d be getting twitchy about the coyote too – wrong sort of animal to have around cats.

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