Flock Friday for April 3

This week, Rory with the ducks, broody chickens, and a new camera view.

I posted a similar (but different) picture to this one, of the ducks and Rory, on my personal blog:

Ducks and Rory

The ducks on the back lawn, with their heads in the grass, looking for tasty bugs:

Ducks with heads in grass

By the chicken run:

Ducks by chicken run

Ducks and chickens

Two broody chickens in a nesting box:

Chickens in nesting box

Gert on the “island” pot in the pond at night:

On island

You probably saw these two pictures of the ducks and Rory on my personal blog:

Ducks and Rory

Ducks and Rory

I moved the mobile cam from by the cat house to the (currently off) waterfall area of the pond:


A view of the pond and ducks from that camera:


Gert with her head in the ground:

Duck with head in ground

Gert was curious about the camera:




And knocked it over:

Duck foot

So I moved the camera to a better location, closer to the pond deck:


A view from there; you can see the ducks hanging out below the pond deck, where they’ve been spending a fair bit of time:

Ducks below pond deck

I suspect Gert may be considering that location for laying eggs, though haven’t found any more yet.

Swimming past the camera:


Ducks eating treats:

Ducks eating treats





Gert below the pond deck again, and Bert walking past the camera:


Both ducks below the pond deck, and Paladout walking by:

Ducks and cat

The chickens in the old coop:


Broody chickens again (still):

Broody chickens

A wider view of the broody chickens and others:


The ducks walking by:


Chickens roosting on potato planters:

Chickens roosting on potato planters

The ducks below the pond deck again:


Ducks and a bird:

Ducks and bird

8 thoughts on “Flock Friday for April 3

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  2. I look forward to your photos each day. I hope to see some ducklings some day. 🐣
    I didn’t know there is a waterfall at the pond. I love the sound of rain and flowing water. I’m a true Oregonian.

    1. Thanks! We’re certainly hoping for ducklings, too. The pond waterfall is usually off, as it results in the water level dropping (leaking somewhere). I turn it on occasionally; I’ll try to remember to record a video the next time I do.

  3. Very cool your blog is awesome! What brand of outdoor cameras do you use? We have Ring cameras on our pond but the wifi network is wishy washy there. Also do those cameras bog down your wifi network speeds? We’ve been looking for a better solution for a long time for our pekins and black swedish. Thanks!

      1. Cool thanks so much we use google wifi for our mesh network but we haven’t found an outdoor solution for the google wifi as its an indoor product. I’m debating installing one of the google wifi mesh pods in our coop so it can broadcast to all the outdoor cameras. Unfortunately being in pennsylvania we get a lot of inclement weather so we have to choose wisely what we use outdoors. Thanks for the reply my wife and I love reading your blog!

        1. I’m glad you enjoy it. Eero is an indoor product too, but I have them in various enclosed places around the property: in our chicken coop, duck house, cat house, well enclosure, greenhouse, and a plastic box or two.

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