Fountain garden stream

Now that the overnight temperatures are (mostly) above freezing, I’ve turned on the garden water, which means I could also turn on the pump in the small pond for the stream next to the fountain garden. It needs the water to be on to top it up via an automatic filler valve.

Here is the small pond; you can see the pump underwater, and filler valve on the edge (I might be modifying that soon):

Small pond

Going upstream a bit, the lower stone bridge:

Lower part of stream

Looking downstream, with the upper stone bridge in the foreground, the lower bridge barely visible through the tree, and the cat house in the background:

Stream and cat house

A couple more shots of the upper bridge:



Just beyond the bridge:


A GIF of the upper stream cascade (captured from a video):

GIF of stream cascade

And a closer GIF of the cascade (captured from a Live Photo):

GIF of stream cascade

A GIF of the upper falls pond, where the pump pipe ends with bubbling water:

GIF of upper falls pond

A static photo of the upper falls pond:

Upper falls pond

I hope you enjoyed this look at the stream. I’ll do the big pond waterfall in the future.

6 thoughts on “Fountain garden stream

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  2. I feel like I’ve met your neighbors who live upstream in that small western town.

    My wife would love to have a stream like that here.

    Really, enjoy the pictures! Thanks.

    1. There is a nice patio by the upper stone bridge. We used to have chairs and a table there, but removed them after a couple of years as we almost never used them. In part because of our dog; she wouldn’t like it there, and would be sad if we went there without her.

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