Cat update for week ending May 16

This week, a couple of cam screenshots (showing all five cats), a couple of GIFs (showing Poppa at the cabins, and a day inside the house), and more for your weekly Caturday.

Poppy drinking, Porcini watching:

Porcini and Poppy

Pommie oozing out of a cabin:

Cat in cabin

A screenshot of my iPad cam app (with the outside cam offline), showing all five of the cats: one in a cabin, three in the house, and one eating:

Five cats

Another screenshot of all five, this time two in the cabins, one in the house, and two eating:

Five cats

Porcini watching a bird:


An animated GIF of the male alien we call Poppa visiting Pommie at the cabins, and even going inside the other cabin. I continue to be amazed how well they get along:

GIF of cabins

Another GIF, this time a fast-paced summary of a day inside the cat house:

GIF inside house

So much cuteness!

A couple of snuggles from that:



Finally, Porcini watching me from the swimming pool area:

Porcini in the pool area

Porcini in the pool area

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