Cat update for week ending May 23

This week, a number of animated GIFs, including a 30-second summary of the last week inside the cat house, and more.

Let’s start with a GIF of Bella chasing and catching a bug in the feeder:

Bella chasing bug

And a GIF of her playing in the cat house:

Bella playing

A still of that:

Playful cat

Cats in cabins:

Cats in cabins

Poppa and Pommie in the breezeway:

Poppa and Pommie in breezeway

Three cats in the cat house:

Three cats in cat house

A screenshot of my cams app, showing four cats:

Screenshot of four cats

Refilling the cat food:

Refilling the cat food



A few minutes later, the raccoon must have got close to the cabins, as Pommie emerged from a cabin and hissed before retreating, though I didn’t see the raccoon on the camera:

Cat hissing

Three cats inside:

Three cats inside

A screenshot my iPhone showing several cams:

Screenshot of cams

Cat house snuggles:

Cat house snuggles

Cat house snuggles

Another day, a raccoon nabbed a bit of leftover food:


And a possum showed up, too late:


Up close and personal:


A GIF of the possum going inside the cat house with Porcini inside; fortunately it left without incident:

Possum inside cat house

Porcini reaction GIF:


Poppy playing:



A GIF of Pommie and Porcini in the cabins, and Spud joining them and going into Porcini’s cabin:


Three cats:

Three cats

A sped-up GIF of Poppa arriving at the cabins with Porcini and Pommie, and hanging out for five minutes; it continues to amaze me how much they accept him:


Pansy in the back of the shop:


Three cats for breakfast:

Three cats

Finally, a special GIF summarizing the last week inside the cat house:

Week inside cat house

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