Cat update for week ending May 9

A later than usual Caturday this week, since we went to get a couple of bee nucs this morning. I’ll probably post about that in the next day or two.

This week, another visit by an alien cat, some cuteness, and a cameo by Paladin.

Sleepy Pommie in a cabin:

Sleepy cat

Two cats inside their house:

Two cats inside

An animated GIF of an alien cat, that we call Poppa, arriving at the cat house. We call him that as he looks like our feral cats, especially Spud and Pommie, and could well be their father. He looked in the feeder, then was startled as two cats rapidly exited the house. Surprising to me, Poppy came back and sniffed his nose before going inside, indicating that she’s familiar with him:

GIF of alien cat with two inside

A still of Poppa the alien cat with two inside:

Alien cat with two inside

Poppy and Poppa sniffing noses:

Poppy and alien sniffing noses

Poppy going inside:

Poppy going inside

Comfy cabin cat:

Comfy cabin cat

Relaxed Poppy inside:

Poppy inside

Three cats:

Three cats

Porcini early for breakfast:


Paladin watching a cat outside, on the edge of the garden:

Paladin watching cat outside

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