Duckling names

I thought I’d do a separate post to reveal the duckling names, to make it easier to refer back to in the future.

For our first batch of ducklings, we named them with “B” names for boys, and “G” names for girls: Bert, Bill, Gert, and Gill.  For this batch, we initially chose names on that system, based on the country of origin of each breed, then decided to use the breed name as the initial, since the gender is more obvious. Fortunately, our remaining adult duck, Bert, fits into that system too, since he’s a Buff breed: “B” for Buff.

In the following picture, the Buff is leftmost (with her head not visible): her name is Betty. (Actually suggested in a blog comment.)

The two ducklings in the foreground are Khaki Campbells, developed in England, so we considered “K” and “C” names. I think the left one is male, named Clyde, and the right one is female, named Cora.

The one next to the yellow EcoGlow is a male Blue Swedish, named Sven, and the one at the back is a female named Sonja.

The two at the bottom of the ramp are Rouens. We had ordered one female and one male, but unfortunately we received two males (they refunded one). The breed was developed in France, so we went for French “R” names: Raoul and Rémy.


Flock Friday for June 26

Let’s check on Bert, the chickens, and fish.

Bert went onto the pond deck:

Bert on pond deck

Bert by pond deck

Perhaps looking for the mealworm treats and koi food I keep in a box on the deck… guarded by a resident frog:

Frog on food containers

Bert watching the ducklings:

Bert watching ducklings

By the duck house on a rainy day:

Bert by duck house

Bert watching ducklings

Bert watching ducklings

Bert looking over the pond:


Chickens enjoying one of their favorite treats — rice:

Chicken treats

Chicken treats

Chicken treats

Chicken treats

Chicken treats

Lettuce is ignored when there’s rice available:

Chicken treats

It’s been hot this week, so I opened all of the chicken coop vents and windows. Here you can see chickens on the roost by the front window:

Chickens with open coop window

Chickens with open coop window

Another day; a whole lettuce plant, tomatoes, and corn cobs for the chickens:

Chicken treats

Chicken treats

Looking down from the pond deck at Bert and koi:

Bert and fish

Smaller koi:


Restocked duckling and chicken food, with a messy floor from straw stored above the door:

Duckling and chicken food

As you may have seen on my personal blog, a jumbo egg: