Cat update for week ending August 29

Welcome to Caturday! Cuteness! Paladin! Raccoons! Levitating cat! A random GIF! And more!

Dinner queue:

Dinner queue



Pommie in her favorite place:


Pommie and Bella at the cat feeder:

Pommie and Bella

Paladin watches Bella on the driveway:

Paladin watches Bella on the driveway

Bella is curious, and approached:

Bella is curious

Paladin and Bella curiously watching each other:

Paladin watches Bella

A closer look at Bella:


Pommie was comfy in her cabin, then raccoons approached; she hissed at them:

Pommie hissing at raccoons

The raccoons circled around behind, and Pommie wisely retreated; you can see raccoon eyes between the cabins:

Pommie retreating from raccoons

There was a mother and at least one kit:


Pommie was happy to go back later, though:


On a hot day, Pepper on her non-heated bed on top of shelves in the shop (there’s a heating pad on the nearby blue bed for cold days):

Pepper in the shop

Spud thought he heard something in the breezeway:


Spud in his cabin:


Bella walking through the breezeway while Spud is sleeping in late:

Bella and Spud

Levitating cat! A frame of mid-run through the breezeway:

Running cat





Sparkletime — a GIF of the dappled sun through the trees by the cat house, which makes it very hard to spot cat activity when reviewing recordings around midday, as the camera is pretty much constantly registering motion (it does look nice, though):


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