Cat update for week ending August 8

It’s Caturday!

Porcini arrives while another is eating:

Porcini etc

The two twins, Spud and Pommie:




Comfy Poppy:


Poppa peeking up at Spud:

Spud and Poppa

Spud in the morning:


Pommie and Spud in the cabins:

Pommie and Spud

Pommie oozing out, Spud cozy:

Pommie and Spud

Two cats inside:

Two cats inside

Two cats in the feeder (I don’t get pictures of this much anymore, as the camera isn’t recording, but I captured these live):

Two cats eating

Two cats eating

Pansy in the back of the shop:

Pansy in the shop

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